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Full Version: does anyone use young nails??
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I am in desperate need of at least a low odor acrylic system. I haaaate the odorless systems, I have tried nsi and clarite. Theyu are fine for rebasing but to build an entire nails is beyond annoying.
I just ordered young nails professional kit along with their glitter powders, and then realized its a low odor system. I will be thrilled if it really is low odor, as I don't necesarilly need odor free.... but the sytlists in the salon I'm in can't stand the smell of the opu liquid I already have.
I use it and I work in close quarters with another stylist and it's not strong. A lot of my clients also say it's not strong either and can tolerate it. I love YN products and I think you will too.
I have tried all products out there and been licensed for 20 + years, YN is not that strong but when you are done applying the acrylic, simply put it in a zip loc baggie and dispose of it that way. That way it will eliminate the odor a bit. It seriously is not really strong, and the products is unbelieveable, never any lifting problems what so ever. Good luck Smile
agreed. I use it and teach it. low order and less complaints with this product than the other I used in the past.
Love Young Nails! It's the lowest odor of anything I have tried.
I'm another Young Nails fan. They are right it's not bad while you're using it. when the job is done seal everything up and the smell goes away quickly. I have a small nail salon in the back of my house which has a door in the back to the main house and the smell never bothers my family. I know you'll love itWink