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Full Version: A Quick Intro of PNKNWHT
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Hello All,

My name is Candy and I am from the Oklahoma City Metro area.
I have been doing nails since 2000 and LOVE the profession.

I had a previous account on here, but it's been so long :oops: (and I've been VERY ILL) I've lost my password, changed email, my husband lost ALL of my saved information on the computer, etc. So I have created a new account. Big Grin Bet I don't forget/loose this one. :wink:

A bit about me, I have 2 children under 10 and a husband (almost qualifies as 3 kiddos) :lol: In addition to being involved in 3 other businesses.
I stay very busy, but CRAVE ideas/information/techniques. I mostly lurk on the board. But always appreciate the wealth of knowledge everyone is so willing to share.

Thanks to all who are willing to encourage others and pass on what they know. You are the people who inspire us all. *hugs*