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Full Version: lots of pics ... I haven't posted a while :)
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[Image: DSC026402.jpg]
[Image: DSC027022.jpg]
[Image: DSC028142.jpg]
[Image: DSC028162.jpg]
[Image: DSC028172.jpg]
[Image: DSC028252.jpg]
[Image: DSC028312.jpg]
[Image: DSC028322.jpg]
[Image: DSC028932.jpg]
[Image: DSC028972.jpg]
[Image: DSC028952.jpg]
[Image: DSC029102.jpg]
[Image: DSC029082.jpg]
[Image: DSC029162.jpg]
[Image: DSC029152.jpg]
Your nails look great!!!!!!
Great nail! Did you use acrylic or gels? What brand and color did you use for the nailbeds in pictures 1 and 3? Thanks
Smile Sandra!! They are all soooooooooo beautiful!
Thank you girls Big Grin
I use Nailite acrylic ( Omega ) and gel .
For the nailbeds in pictures 1 and 3 I used custom blend cover gel .
Beautiful work!!
Your nail work is beautiful. Thank you for sharing! Tongue
all very gorgeous do great work!
LOve them all...

Sorry my english. I love before and after, your like nail magician.
I would love for you to do my nails!
Thank you all so much Big Grin
Absolutely stunning! I love the first ones.. did you draw the flowers yourself? U must teach me D
Thank you . I would teach you if I was closer :wink:
All of them are Beautiful, love them!.
Thanks for sharing Big Grin
Oooooooooooo, I love the third pic.
love them all