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Full Version: State Board tips and advice
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I will be taking my state board at the end of this month. I am 100% self taught online student. My instructor is AWFUL. Anyways I am very nervous about passing the waxing and nails. If you have any advice, tips, or recommended websites it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
Relax, dress professionally, be very organized, and eat something light before you go in!
I don't know about where you are, but the written part was basically all of the nail conditions and terms almost word for word from the book (Milady). And I found it easiest to use those disposable food containers to organize my box according to procedure. Like one each for natural nail, L&P acrylic, wrap, tip with every single thing needed to perform that service. That way I didn't have to dig around for things I needed and didn't have to worry about forgetting to take something out. It also made it easier to clean up by just putting everything back in that box and put it on the floor in between services.
Hope this helps!


Don't sweat the waxing. These are the tips I remembered for my exam:
Make sure to pull parallel to the leg and apply pressure after removal. Test the temperature of the wax on your wrist before applying to make sure its not too hot for the client. Apply the stick to the leg and let it pool on the skin a little before you push, push, push (or pull, pull, pull) all the way down to the ankle.

I hope this helps, I'm in canada and we don't have strict exams, or state licensing....
Ive only coached one tech from start to finish but she made a 98 on her state exam (tn). Biggest thing is to RELAX! If you freak out youll mess up. Like the pp said organize, even if that means you have to double some things. For my students kit we got sandwich bags and labeled everything and like pp said do one bag per the service you must perform. Leaving out a nessecery item is a big point deductor. Practice at home and do not deviate from the instructions you are given. I know in Tn there is a handout they give you that tells you exactly what they will want and how much time you have. Practice bit by bit with a timer to ensure you are doing everything quickly enough.
When you're in the exam pay close attention to the proctor. My student lost her two points by accidently starting her procedure before the proctor gave the ok. She mistook the proctor instructions for another student as her ok to start applying a nail tip.
Believe in yourself. If you go in saying "oh Im going to fail" then you will. Breathe and relax. You got this!
Thank yall so much the advice is so appreciative. I dont have the Milady book even though I paid for it. I paid 500 for my waxing course and the only info I received was a gigi kit so I have watched the dvd and took several notes like 12 pages of notes. I am worried about the terms and diseases. My instructor sucks and since I am an online student. I have came to this board for help with what I am paying my instructor to do. I am extremely motivated and have learned a lot. Peggy helped me a lot. I also have A.D.D so I worry about messing up during my board. I study and practice everyday for over 6 hours hopefully this will all be worth it as my husband says. Thanks again have a great day Smile
I passed my test last November, like CC nails said I numbered my ziplock bags with kit number 1 (mani kit), and so own, just with numbers-no names (don't write a list of what it is inside) just number the bag so you will know wich one is next.
My school experience was very bad, so I found a vid on youtube about the state board test, go ahead and search for it, it is very helpful.

I don't know if in all the sates have the same type tests for nailtech and managing license, I passed in OH.

I can tell you more if you email me nailsbyarie at
I just sent you an email. thanks for all the responses
if your nail boards still requires that you perform a fiberglass or silk wrap, make sure to check your wrap accelerant for evaporation Smile all of the girls in my class and I had to buy new wrap accelerants the day before because every last one had evaporated. Thank god that someone looked in their wrap kit and check that bottle specifically. And take extra towels, files, orange stick etc, that way if you drop one you can ignore it, replace it, and keep going unhindered! Big Grin The state's biggest concern is your sanitation protocol. So if you think you might need to sanitize/disinfect, you can't go wrong by doing it!
I'm sorry you have to do this without a proper instructor, that sucks. I'm sure you're going to be just fine though, and soon you'll have your license and you'll be working in your new career Smile