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Full Version: Found mold in our pedi chair
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I learned yesterday that one of our pedi chairs had mold in from not being cleaned. Im so livid right now at these girls. We have 3 chairs in which the 2 nail techs use their own and the hairstylist are SUPPOSEDto used another chair. Its a chair that you have to unscrew and take the blottom plate out to clean. What some of the stylist have been doing is just spraying it off with water and that good enough. Ive seen a few of them just spray with my disinfectant and wipe off and they think thats good enough. That plate has to be left open to dry, instead of cleaning it at all. I also learned a client claimed he picked up a fungus from our salon. All hell broke loose with me.
For me and the other nail nech, this is our livlihood, how we make our living, we dont have hair to fall back on. Because of sloppy lazy hair stylist, this could ruin our reputation. I put a nasty note in the back room, but unfortunatly most girls are gone til the 1st of the year. Next week Im getting a hold of the owner to nip this in the butt. These are the same girls that leave break room a total disaster everyday. Half the time they just leave their files, implements all over our nail area, making the nail techs look messy. I feel like starting to leave stuff all over their stations and see how they like it.
Whoa, I just got my blood boiling again over this. Need to simma down!
Don't know how it is in Nebraska, but in Idaho the owner would be liable for all state board disciplinary action on the pedi chair because it's a piece of equipment used by the whole salon, as to littering the "nail area", if that includes your station, most states make you legally liable for sanitation of that station, and the hairdressers aren't permitted to use it without a separate license for it.
My point being, look into the laws of it before you talk to the owner and if it doesn't stop you may be able to file a complaint with the state and get an inspector out to do something about it, it will also make the owner aware that this is her very own personal problem if she wants to keep her business open.