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Full Version: Strut your stuff winners...
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Is it just me being slow, or are the names of the winners not listed anywhere?

The format for viewing them seems way funky to me lol- HELP!

No this year I did not add the winners names.. I have been using this same system for the entries for several years now, not sure why its confusing you!
Ok that makes more sense- I just didn't see any of the winners besides the "best of" winner- is that how it's going to be from here on? Thanks for the help Smile
I am confused because I didnt realize the winners had been announced yet. :/

I thought maybe after the first of the year they would b announced. :Confusedhrug::
Ladies.. first this is the last Strut.. unfirtunately due ti deckining interest I decided once and for all to put it to bed.

Anna I emailed all the entrants to let them know the winners were posted and I do belive I posted here..
Hate to hear it's the last one. I'm so glad I got to enter. Thanks for all the work that goes into it and for all the companies that gave so generously to the prizes.
I agree that it's sad to not see the winners names and a winners pages like we have enjoyed in the past. I see these winners photos, but I don't know who they are. I know for me, one of the greatest things was seeing my name and photo listed as a WINNER!!!

Sorry to hear this competition is ending, but totally understand. It's a lot of work and then you have to put up with BS like what I am posting, however, I truly would like to know who the winners are :o)
Oh, and I've searched everywhere and there doesn't seem to be a post with the winners either.
Well I agree it is awesome to see your name listed as a winnerWink especially when it's your first compitition. I won third in the jr mixed. Hope it's ok that I posted this. I'm so excited. I've only been doing nails for less than two years and just started working with 3D since last IBS show. Thx again.
Well I will admit maybe I was a little remiss on not posting the names Rhonda..

here is the offical list:
1st EJR3 Carla Foster
1st ESR1 Samantha Goddard
1st MMJR7 Jaclyn Ngo

2nd EJR6 Anna  Schmidt
2nd ESR2 Tye Dodson
2nd MMJR5 Guin Deadman
2nd MMSR2 Tina Thomas

3rd EJR1 katarzyna trzecka
3rd ESR6 Dawn Lambert
3rd MMJR2 Jenny Meek
3rd MMSR1 nancy almeida

4th EJR2 katarzyna trzecka
4th ESR5 Liliya Saxon
4th MMJR6 Angie Vermillion
4th MMSR3 Jennifer Wirth
5th EJR4 Mariela Decastro

5th ESR4 Lynnette Madden
5th MMJR1 Tara Deck