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Full Version: New year back to work after surgery..
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after new years i will be going to work at a new salon, i will be the only nail tech in wondering how i should handle not being able to do pedicures (spinal surgery - including reroute of some mucsles ~in october 2011). I'd hate to lose clients over it, and i love doing pedis, i just physically cant do it...doc says maybe in a year i could try.

any suggestions on how to handle this??
so glad you are on the mend and headed back to work.. i would just explain to them what you just said.. maybe make a little flyer with your prices and at the bottom you could put a disclaimer so to speak about your situation and pedicures that you can hand out when they come in to ask questions
I would see if there is a slow Stylist in the salon that would like to be mentored to do Pedicures. That way you can personally train the person you would send your nail clients to. It also allows you to keep the money in the same salon and you would not loose nail clients to another tech if someone is looking for one place to get hands and feet done.
great ideas....thank you so much.