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Full Version: ladies.. need your eyes and input..
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Hey everyone hope your shopping is done.. mine isnt! well almost but not quite..

Anyway.. If you read my email about the consumer site and salon locator, you know that I am working with this company to really get some serious traffic at the consumer site. With that in mind I scoured the net today and found the perfect program to update the site (not the locator yet tho - thats coming - an updated version with more features!)

So I found this program, installed it, spent the afternoon setting it up and adding content.. The way it works is I can make anyone an "editor" to answer questions.. the consumers can ASK questions (already had one!), comment on questions and answers, vote on the Q&A's and all that.. but official "answers will be from the pros - us!

I'm near blind now working on this, have some more content to add.. maybe some additional categories for the Q's, tweak the settings (which I relaxed a bit while I add content) but it is up, running and I love it Smile

So.. I know some of you are great proof -readers - ya'll know how much the speel police love me Smile so if you wanna run over and start looking.. register and let me know I can poke you up to editor and you can tweak, spell grammar correct and all that - oh and add your own answers to the questions..


If you dont feel comfortable actually posting, send me the info and I will add it.
wow!! great job Deb
Emailed you Deb!
thanks ladies it is at a 99.9% now I have one more group of articles to go through and move that info over to the new aystem.. glad ya'll like it!
Great work it looks amazing. Is there a way to add a share option so consumers can share your info to facebook or share the salon location they will be going to? I think that will add a lot of traffic and us pros can share your new articles and ones we find interesting.

Its a great website for info you did a awesome job. Big Grin
The consumers can share the articles, there is a FB LIKE, 1+ and Twitter as well as email share on every question. As far as the salons, no LIKE'ing there sorry.. and I dont think I want the responsability of managing consumer complanits anyway Smile

One of the nice things about the update to the locator software is it will also then have a share link.. but that is a month or so away at this point.. as a matter of fact I have to tweak that guy he hasnt answered me Smile
This is great!
I love it!!!

Great work as always DebSmile
How do we register to be an editor?
Or did you mean register our salons?
Both actually Smile
If your salon is not lited go ahead and do that.. if you want to be an editor on the Q&A area then register and let me know so I can bump up your membership to editor status