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Full Version: Pedicures help please
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I have a pedi joy chair that doesnt have jets what are some things I could use to spruce up the experience for clients. I thought about using lava rocks. I cannot think of much to do with the chair. Thanks
I have seen things like fresh fruit slices or flowers added to the water.
You could offer warm neck wraps (scented if you like).
How about a themed pedi such as Hot Cocoa with a chocolate pedi or a citrus punch with a citrus pedi?
Or you could always add a nice mask and hot towel wrap or paraffin to add on to a pedi service.


I used to use rocks in the water and my clients loved them. Not only helped relax their feet but helped keep the water warm. I wrap their feet in paraffin wraps and put their feet in electric booties. They love it!
I love the heated neck wrap idea Smile and the rocks!
Not having a jetted tub usually cuts down on noise too, so maybe you could add some ambiance effects like candles and music? you could offer beverages and snacks that coordinate with your pedi scents too!
Thanks I'm getting so excited about starting my business