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Full Version: need warm coverage gel
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looking for a warm pink coverage gel that is not as expensive as Akzentz.
Thank in advance.
Have you tried Brisa?
I have a brand new Akzentz WCP if you're interested. I was sub-distributing but aren't anymore and need to clear out of my inventory. Soooo...I can give you a discount! Big Grin

I have others as well if anyone's interested!
Hi Carmen,
Pls email me at
My other suggestion is Nailite! You cannot beat their prices, and their gels have worked really well for me. I love their pink and I'm definitely a warm pink kind of girl!
Nailite Full coverage pink Big Grin
Try LCN one componant gel in pastel-it's gorgeous
thanks for the suggesions. Isnt LCN MORE expensive than Akzentz. It was last time I looked, but maybe it's changed.??
Can't speak to the prices of another gel but LCN is $22.95 for a 20 ml and its one of our most popular gels.