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Full Version: need warm coverage gel
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looking for a warm pink coverage gel that is not as expensive as Akzentz.
Thank in advance.
Have you tried Brisa?
I have a brand new Akzentz WCP if you're interested. I was sub-distributing but aren't anymore and need to clear out of my inventory. Soooo...I can give you a discount! Big Grin

I have others as well if anyone's interested!
Hi Carmen,
Pls email me at [email protected]
My other suggestion is Nailite! You cannot beat their prices, and their gels have worked really well for me. I love their pink and I'm definitely a warm pink kind of girl!
Nailite Full coverage pink Big Grin
Try LCN one componant gel in pastel-it's gorgeous
thanks for the suggesions. Isnt LCN MORE expensive than Akzentz. It was last time I looked, but maybe it's changed.??
Can't speak to the prices of another gel but LCN is $22.95 for a 20 ml and its one of our most popular gels.