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Full Version: What can I do to build my clientele?
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I am a new nail tech (about a year) and I'm struggling to build my clientele. I have done everything I know to do. Any advise from you long timers out there?

Building is hard and the first year is is the worst. It takes the chair time and constantly working to make your work stand out to the point others want to be your client.

I went to your F.B. site, the first thing I'd do is post some really good pix of your work. I saw one set of poorly painted nails and someone doing a pedi on a male client. If that's your page, post a very good pic of yourself, your work station, set up and ready, several photos of your work, and people getting things done by you. Before you take a picture, go over the nails with a magnifying glass, what you'll see that you've missed will astound you.....I know it did for me!

Next, your web page, there's no pix which always makes it more interesting, if they can be added. Also, you need to spell check your wording in that first paragraph, I counted 5 misspelled words.

I'm sorry if I'm coming on strong but what I've just given you was my first impression. I recognize you're trying to get started, and believe me, this web site is the best place for you to get that info. Pick our brains and ask lots of questions. It could be the difference between making it and NOT!
go to nailtech sticky posts to read about "build your clientele." I'm still a student so I can't help much more than talling you that post has great ideas. I wish you the very best. Good luck
try these articles:
also the nailtech sticky posts section here in the forum has tons of information Smile


I agree with Donna. When building, not only must you be present in the salon, marketing and practicing, but your advertising online or in print should reflect your quality of work. I don't know if the Facebook link is of you, but a few of the photos are blurry and the background clutter is off putting. I am only trying to help from a viewers perspective. Your nails should be crisp, and neat with the photo representing your work. I personally would take down the that are out of focus, or just a polished tip and keep the clean clear nails. I do not want to sound rude, again just from a constructive view on visual first impressions. Your website also needs updated as your special is from Thankgiving. As a client looking to pay a reputable tech, I would be searching online for my salon, and would be looking for a fun, friendly, professional environment. It's very important to have someone proof read for you to make sure it sounds right, and spelling is checked.
In the salon you should introduce yourself to everyone. And round up as many new potential clients as you can every hour your sitting.. I wish you all the best.
What has worked for me. I have a customer that works at a gas station, she is the cashier, so when they go to pay for thier gas they see her nails. I always do her nails with really neat nail art, and bling, and the women always ask her who does your nails. I give her lots of cards and she gets her refills half price. She has been my best advertisement.
Thank you all for the advise!!! Smile
Advertise, advertise, advertise! I am a firm believer that if you put yourself in the public eye they will come! My business has blown up since investing in local advertising! You also need to commit to consecutive months of advertising for at least 3-6 months, it takes clients 3 times of seeing you to call on average. Also smaller more frequenTt advertising is more effective than larger less frequent ads. You have to be smart about it, obviously get the most bang for your advertising dollar. Ask how many times it will be seen, what the size of the distribution area is, and where the distribution covers. The other way to build your clientele and I can't stress this enough is invest in a very good website savvy person and have them build you a kick butt website! I have invested in my website and have made every dollar back ten fold! I ALWAYS ask clients where they heard of my business and 6 out of 10 clients at least say the found my website and were very impressed so they called! Something else that has really helped with my advertising is I have started saying I am an "American owned and operated" business! They love that! Honestly I wished I thought of it sooner! People want to support American businesses and come just because of that line Smile good luck to you, and remember this industry does not build over night! It takes years to establish a career. Most of us have been hard at it for many years and have just started reaching the height of success. So stick with it and build confidence! Hate to sound cliche but... If you build it, they will come! Haha Wink
wow, great advise ladies...going back to work after the first of the year in a new area....this really helped me out too.