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Full Version: Today's daily gripe. Share yours, it relieves stress!
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Dont you hate it when someone owes you money and you have to remind them to pay you?
One of my clients bought 3 Gift certificates and got her own nails done then told me she'd forgotten her checkbook and asked me if she could drop off payment later? I totally trust this person so I didn't think it would be a problem so I said yes, thatd be ok. That was last Thursday. As of today she still hasn't paid me or even contacted me about it. I nicely reminded her today.

I just don't get how people think this is ok to do. Next time I'm going to say "would you like me to do your nails when you can bring your check with you"?

As I remember a family member of hers did the same thing to me earlier this year.

Totally tired of being taken advantage of.

Gripe over.


Not a fan of the " can you wait to cash this". Such a strange thing. Wonder if we can do that in a store?
There are several things on my gripe list. Smile
My biggest gripe right now is not nail related. My printer woun't print in color- changed ink, cleaned printheads, ran test pages that come out with color, but nothing works. Oh well, Tech Support here I come.
Broken nails!!! Totally slammed for this whole week and all of a sudden there's an epidemic of broken nails, mostly thumbs. Everyone wants it fixed before Christmas!!! ARGGGGHH!!!
Can you pleease get me in such-and-such a night.....3 minutes before appt time. I totally forgot that I double booked myself. I'm going to have to reschedule.
How about being fired for not clipping cuticle in a state that says not to do it. I am like ok
Mine today is Mitchele I need this done today" Hey dude you didnt get approval so um no u cant have it today lol sorry im in cubicle He** today. Im stuck doing all the work that everyone left on my desk when they went on PTO till 2012!!! Confusedhock: That was my morning i turned the corner to sit my purse down and had stacks of files and stuff on my desk with post it notes on them telling how to do their work lol

And then I get to go home and do a re-polish of shellac cuz I guess you can’t put your cream puff with glitter into melted chocolate and expect them no to get chocolate under them and pick it all off cuz you couldn’t get the chocolate off.

Thanks for the free gripe today !!! Now my hubby doesnt have to hear it.


My gripe, I regret so much signing on to a booth rental knowing I can't do manicures. I get so many requests...but I have to refer them to the esthetician who rents a room upstairs...

Im missing out on so much money because all I get to do is enhancements and gel overlays, and not everyone wants them....

Balls, I regret this... only 7 more months until my lease is up... then I can go somewhere else...

Thanks for the gripe!
New gripe: my last client is ALWAYS late so I took my time with the client before her...well, didn't take my time but didn't rush either. I figured if she IS on time for once, she can wait for me for a change. I ran about 12 minutes over, something I never do. I had also fit her in last minute cuz I'd originally had her on Tuesday but she told me she couldn't do Tuesday because she had bowling that night.
So I came downstairs after the prior clients pedi and said hello to Miss. Last Client and told her I'd be right with her. Her reply: well you're going to need to hurry cuz I'm going to the movies at 7:00. It was 5:58 so I had plenty of time, she was in for a fill and I can do them in an hour or less. But I was thinking "you're telling ME to hurry after all the times I've waited for you to get your butt here?"
So I sat down with her and started her nails. I get them done and she asks 'can you file underneath?' something I usually do every other time. I said sure, but that took more time. Then she asks if I can do nail art and whips out two cheap polishes she bought at the dollar store. I said ok what did you want done? After about 10 minutes of deciding she says wants her tips painted red with green at the the very end. I said ok but remember you have to be out of here by 7:00. It was now 6:55 but she insisted. Her polishes were crap and it took me forever to get the green to resemble something close to green. She wanted more on them but her sister came in to get her and she finally left.


After reading everyone elses gripes I think we all need a vacation!!!! Nail cruise anyone? Big Grin
I have a gripe today!
I got there for my 9am appt and the stylist was doing color on my 10:30 lady before her nail appt. About 10 min. go by and the 9am lady isn't there, she is usually early. She lives 15 min away, so I know that calling won't do any good, as I no longer will have time to do her! Also she is 82 yo and b!tchy!!! So I am a little worried about her cause of her age, but I just start on the 10:30 lady cause her color is processing. At 10:30 as I'm fixing a nail on another lady that broke hers and the other lady is getting her color rinsed, in walks my 9am appt, and comes up to my table and says "are you about ready for me??" I told her, were supposed to be here at 9.......and she said- oh, well I had 10:30 on my calendar. I told her I'm sorry but I had her down at 9am. She then says "so you're not going to be able to do me?!" and I said sorry no, I don't have any other openings (and my 10:30 lady who's in the hair chair pipes up- "and I'm her 10:30 appt!" Lol!) 9am lady gets all huffy and mutters well, you put me on Thursday and got me all messed up... under her breath. I just said sorry again and got out my book, and told her I didn't have anything unless I got a cancellation until her next appt- Jan 3rd. I told her sorry again and that if I got something sooner I would call her. She just walked off and went out the door (muttering). I hope she doesn't come back!! Good thing I was in a good mood already or she really would have pissed me off!!
Ugh Hillary - don't you hate it when they write their appt down wrong and you're the one to blame???
I hate it when i get my pedi clients all soaked, legs wrapped up in towels, covered w blankets, (i work in a spa), and layed back ready to start the pedi, and they have to use the bathroom! :lol:

I also really hate it when people come for their pedi in the most dirty, beat up pair of flip-flops they own, like thier yard work flip flops! Yuck! I have to touch those dirty flip flops and put em back on your clean, freshly pedi"ed feet???? I try to put on the disposable flips and some are still like----"oh i have shoes!" :lol:
Ewwww dirty shoes!!!!
Isn't it funny how they want their feet so pretty but they could care less about their shoes? Come on people!
And don't even get me started on toe hair!!!
Although I could complain about a few little things that irk me, I feel fortunate to live in a country where anything is possible. Every setback is an opportunity to learn and move forward, where I truly have freedom to express my views and have great neighbors south of the border.

I wish everyone health, wealth and happiness in 2012 - MERRY CHRISTMAS!
True, we should be grateful, but it was a very hectic week and I needed to vent.
I hate it when my clients come in and I ask them how they are and they show me a chip in thier polish and how it happened. And since they got one chip in their polish, now they don't think it is holding up very good, even though it has been two full weeks!!!!! Please don't tell me every about every little nick.


My gripe today is that, last night I had to comp a ladies nails because my land lord (the owner of my shop) wanted to close the shop early, so I had to screw my client around, make her cancel another appointment and come in two hours early, when that wasn't when she had booked or wanted to.

I would have told them to stuff it but I wad told "Everyone is really pissed off that you have a client that late and we have to stay and wait for you..." and was rendered speachless...

I pay for that space too bloody bad if you have to wait for me when the store hours are posted, and you want to go home early. So I lost out on money and got put in a really foul mood about the professionalism of the shop, after I had to have a "conversation" with the owner the day before about something similar on my part.


Why do they have to wait for you? Your a renter, running a business in a business. You should have a key as a renter to keep your own hours and have access to your belongings. Does the salon owner have a key? Or does she have the building owner open and lock up? I am sorry you had to deal with that. It's sad when a salon acts poorly and then it reflects as your professionalism, when in fact it wasn't you.
I rent. I have clients the Monday after new years. We are closed. But I am not. I will be there as will 2 other renters. This is my right as a renter and if they told me ever that we were closed during business hours for something special, and I had to lose money against my wishes, they would lose a renter or pay me the loss. It's not something you should be told that day. It should have been an understanding that they wanted to be closed by --- time. And you could have booked accordingly, or if you had a key which I think you need, you wouldn't have to worry about it.
Blah, right? Oh well. Have a happy holiday and the new year is coming. One we can use to make ourselves clear. Haha.


Its just stupid. the shop was supposed to be open until 9pm, my clients appointment was at 7, I would have been done by 9. But they wanted to go home early.

No I do not have a key, neither myself or the other renter has a key. The owner wants us to just keep the same hours as the shop and be closed when they close.

This is not the first time where I have gotten a look for having a client when they want to close early. A couple of staffed stylist work on tuesday when I work. The owner lets them close early if they are really really slow, and they have said something to me before when they wanted to close at 2:30 and a client wanted to come in at 3, when it clearly says on the store hours, "open until 5pm". I am defenitly having a conversation with the owner when I am back to work.
Thats not right, you should have a key, it is your business. You cant help that they dont have the same work ethic. if a business tells me they are open til 9, and are closed 2 hours earlier when I call them, what does that say to me? says they are unreliable. And much of that, outside of a dire emergency, I wont be back.
BornToBling, you may need to have a talk with the owner and explain to her the difference between booth rental and employee. If she's controlling when you work, that makes you and employee. I can understand the owner not wanting someone in the shop after hours and unwatched. As much as we all want honest people around us, there are those who want a 5 fingered discount. I'm sure that's the reason for her wanting everyone to work the same hours.

On the other hand, this could be your 'out' of the lease/contract. She doen't understand that if you continue to work there, she could be responsible for your taxes. Soooo, either she can let you have a key, or pay your taxes, or she could release/fire you. Decide what you want.........
It depends on the details she signed in her lease. If the lease states that she is only allowed to conduct her business between such and such hours then unfortunately she has to go by that rule.
Like with shopping malls for example. The shops (privately owned) have to be open between certain hours and they can't start earlier or work longer Sad

But- you guys are right... if the owner wanted to close up earlier, then too bad for her if others are still working.
My vent....
Right now I'm texting a client. I'm on vacay. She initiated with, "What time do you have me for tomorrow?" I say "I don't. Last we spoke, YOU were supposed to check your schedule and let me know what time."

I have 50+ clients. I will not babysit you and your appointments! You need an appointment? Call the salon. Period. Ugh...
I love when clients decide to wait 4 weeks to get their nails redone and then can't understand why they are coming off or they break more than one nail off back to the quick....

It really makes me want to say -- Well if you weren't so cheap you'd be in here getting your nails re-done before they get to the break point.

I changed my pricing a couple of months ago and I started charging more for those who decided they were going to wait 3 weeks or more to get them redone, Sometimes I feel like telling it will be double the rate just because they only want to come once a month and still bitch about them.
I have a gripe. I have a client who wants to come in once a month for her nails and when she comes in they are all broken or super glued back on cause she uses her nails as tools. My only client that does this mess! Anyways, I actually was being nice and texted her to see if she wanted to come in before the Christmas holiday to get her nails done. Mind you I only work part time and she knows this. She tells me that she needs them done next week (over a month later). I told her I'm not working that day and she said Why not? Really? Why not go somewhere else cause I'm done with the selective memory and questioning me about my time. That text reminded me to raise my fill prices for every week over 2. UGH
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