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Full Version: Today's daily gripe. Share yours, it relieves stress!
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No gripe today- just upsetting news that I hope is okay to share with my BT family. I received an email this morning from my father-in-law whom I have only seen 2 times in the 24 years I have been married to his son- family problems from before my time. in the last 10 years he has had several health issues- the latest being 2 strokes. He just learned he has cancer. It is all over his body- lungs, pelvis, ribs, etc. He and his wife tallked and he has decided to forego any treatments and live the rest of the time he has to the best of his ability. Please send up good thoughts for him. He lives near Birmingham, AL. and we have no way to travel there- no car. Just keep us in your thoughts and hope for the best for him and that he will have peace when the time comes.
Thank you for allowing me this.


Sending good and positive thoughts to your father-in-law!
(hugs) and Prayers for you and your family.
Thanks ladies. To add to this, I just found out that my brother-in-law's sister had surgery yesterday for a brain tumor and it is the rapid spreading cancer. We all grew up together. Think of her also.
I'm so sorry. I have a customer who's daughter just had her 2nd brain tumor surgery. I know exactly what you're going through. More hugs!
I'm so sorry to hear about this.....thoughts and prayers to them!


Sending out the light of love comfort and healing to everyone who is in need.
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