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Full Version: Acrylic/gel layering??
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ive heard this being done, but havent seen it...can you only lay gel on acrylic or can you encase gel in acrylic and vice versa??? im confused....

thanks for your help
I don't see why you couldn't encase gel in acrylic, you would need to make sure the sticky layer of removed before capping, I think.
thanks donna, thats what i was thinking....and looking on another sight i did see where sam biddle taught a class showing gel on acrylic and vice versa, as well as acrylic encased in gel and gel inside acrylic. i guess this class was over a year ago....go figure....cant wait for new lamp to try this out!!!

thanks for ur reply
I'm fairly new to the profession. What would be the reason for doing this?
Gel is a great think to add to your list of accomplishments. If you do acrylics, say pink & White, instead of buffing or using a a polish for the shine, you can use a high gloss tackless sealer for the shine. If you want a different colored tip, use colored gel and paint it on. If you want to add glitter easily, cover the nail with gel, sprinkle on the glitter, cure, brush off the excess, cover with another coat of glossing gel, and viola', it done!!

It takes a bit of practice but so did acrylic!
Cool!! Thanks! Smile