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Full Version: digital picture frame ideas...
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I have a digital pic frame that I would like to display with some nail informative info or shellac info on. Any ideas? Nail art is not popular with my clients. I saw in Nails mag a Doug S. nail DVD for sale, but not being a computer person, how would I get that onto a memory card??? Thanks!
basically all you would need to do i copy the dvd to your computer and save in a file you can find...that is IF the dvd is able to be copied to computer ( a lot are not do to copyright and other legal stuff...). but then you would copy that file to the memory card...then moving card to frame slot.

your best bet though, would be to contact doug and ask if you could do this, if possible and maybe even find out if he would make this available to all nail techs on a memory card for puting on digital media frames....great idea btw!!!! im sure doug would love to know we really want to share his wisdom!!

good luck
Monica, 99% of Doug's DVD is geared toward us and might be too much for a consumer.. I would stick to some before & after shots, some nail art shots and just let it roll around as a slide show
I have this in my studio, with pictures of my work on it. Even if you don't do nail art, this idea would work - clients love to see their own nails. It makes them feel special! I do nail art so clients often comment that 'next time' they'd like something they see as it scrolls through. And you'd be surprised how many of my clients who started out wearing only p&w now walk out with some of my blingiest nails.
Ok thanks for responding, now I beef a camera. Any suggestions? Thanks again!
*Need to buy (playing with new kindle) lol
Monica maybe you should start a new thread or change the subject line of this one - you'll get more responses Smile

In terms of cameras - there are so many out there now - you want one that takes good macro pictures. Ask your friends for recommendations, or look at their cameras. My hubby just got the 4S iPhone and it takes really good pictures too.
I’m in another business now but I did this last month. Instead of pictures I created documents and saved it as a jpeg. It’s a little marketing with tips. So one image will have my info for my facebook page then the next image will be useful information for them that goes along with my business. Then an image about a service, then an image with a tip or something funny. I think quick images that change would get their attention more than a video. Attention span isn’t what it used to be. Smile

Promotional Image: a service or add on, facebook page, gift certificates, referral program, specials/packages, credit cards accepted.

Tips image: nail care, jokes, motivational/inspirational (nothing promotional here. You want to add value in the tips section.)

I have only used my slideshow the last month but I’ve noticed people just asking for information about what is displayed on the image instead of me asking them. I added a few of the images below. I think I want to update them soon to add real picture images like the last one to help create a feeling.

This is not quite what you were talking about but I just worked on this so I was excited about it. Hope some of this is useful to you.

[Image: beautytech1.jpg]

[Image: beautytech2.jpg]

[Image: beautytech3.jpg]
I have never used a digital frame. What happens if it is not plugged in? Does it still show one photo? I love this idea. I keep printing specials tp place into a regular frame. If I could use just a digital frame and change it every week this could be great.
I just have no clue how they work.
Sillysoup, I have never used a digital frame either but I don't think they will work unless they are plugged in. I was using this on a 9" swivel screen dvd player. I'm using it on an iPad now. My dvd player says it has a 5 hr battery if that helps. I used a free version of a slideshow creator and put it on a memory card for the dvd player. (they dont all have memory card slots though) The image quality on the player was not great though. If you just wanted to change it out once a week a regular frame is probably best but if you want to slide through several images every 10 seconds digital would be great.