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Full Version: *pic Christmas Glitz
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So many were posting their christmas nails so here are mine. Smile Classic red and the Limited Edition Sparkles I have on my site.

[Image: christmasglitter.jpg]
They look so festive! I love them Big Grin .
Smile Now that's what I call festive!! Love them!!
LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!! sooo pretty.can I ask what you used?
Akzentz gel: Classic Red. Aurora silver. Natural clear. Sparkles limited edition.

They are sculpted and I started with a layer of green art, so the underside is green. Very fun. Wink


Love these!!! How do you embed the glitter on top of the gel color and still cover it enough to not file them out and also not have the nails end up too thick?
Umm practice?? Lol. They are capped in clear with an arch over the glitter, so it's easy not to file it off. The colors go on pretty thin and was under the clear also.
Those are happy nails...adorable!
Oh...I LOVE these!
Very pretty!


Jessica, these are fantastic! you are fantastic! I can't wait to learn from you at the spa show in February! And i hope that there is another nail tech retreat next year since I wasn't able to come this year...