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Full Version: Eco Gels Questions
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OK I'm confused. Is this a hard gel or a SOG? Who has tried it, who likes it, how does it compare to the Gelish, and Shellac (if they can be compared) and where can a tech get some training on this product? Thanks as always.

oh and please no flaming products if you do not like a product line. It makes you look...."less then professional"

I'm open to suggestions on all product lines. I also have been in this business long enough to know not every person can wear every line.

I know that the "so quick eco gel colors" are soak off, but I'm not sure if they have two different products for the line. Thus far I really like the soak off colors though, nice consistency, no pooling.
I would email their customer service and ask them! Smile
thanks! =D
I use there eco gel and I like it, it is a SOG and soaks off very easily, I also use it with my hard gel, if my hard gel customers want a colour I just use it with the Star T3 fiber gel, but i have to use my efile to get it off.

If you use gel now, you can use this gel it is easy to use. I use shellac and gelish also, eco cures the best for me. I find the others are thicker and don't seem to cure the same.

good luck
Thanks Barb I need to contact the company to get a cd or some kind of education on this product. I have a great lamp but don't know their curing times.


I like Eco so quick which is polish replacement vs enhancement gel. There are lots of products I love, and some I don't care for. lol if I said what I didn't like so much about one or another, why would that make me look "less than"? Kinda weird. Maybe that's just me though, I like to know pros and cons, good and bad, when looking at new product.
no no...I said no "flaming" ...meaning... being over the top derogatory, that i think is unprofessional. I welcome the pros and cons. Every product has pros and cons.

I have just used the ECO sog like 3 times since I got the b2g1f on thanksgiving. The only con I have is it takes too long to get a nice opaque color I think it’s said 3 to 4 thin layers and I’m pretty sure its 3 min cure in uv lamp I could be wrong but I’m pretty sure that’s what I read. To me that extra 3 mins for 3 layers is too long. I will be sticking with offering Shellac as my front running gel polish when I open my booth. The ease of application and predictability of Shellac is awesome and makes me not want to try others lol but I do love gelish for its glimmer and durability.
I use Eco, Gelish, Shellac and Artistic Gloss. I absolutely love the color selection in Eco and the fact that you can custom mix colors. Although I find if I use the Eco base, it peels off the nail quickly. So I just use Gelish base and top and have no problems. Took me a little while to master the application of Eco, but now I love it.
Here is a website full of Eco info!

On the left side under articles are how to instructions and tips and hints. This is also where I have ordered from. I've been very happy with the Eco and for the price, you can't beat it. FYI, I heard that in January they will have this same product in a polish bottle, so if that's what you prefer, you may want to wait.


**Had to edit because I am a dork and forgot the link!!
eco Soak Off UV Nail color is a gel polish UV product such as Gelish and Shellac, but it is in a pot as opposed to a polish bottle. I prefer it personally that way because I can absolutely control my application consistency and thickness for long wear.

It highly compares to all the other soak off polish brands in wear, color choices and ease of application. Soak off is 5 minutes when properly applied. I have seen as much as 8+ weeks with no wear or chipping on both myself and several of my clients.

All our application instructions are online:
Instructions, Tips, Guides

There is only one product in the soak off line, although the brand also does have an acrylic line as well.

You may be curing too long!
See this portion of the application instructions:
Q. I am having trouble deciding on how long to cure each layer. Let me know if that helps. Darker colors are a little more challenging! You need THREE ultra thin layers for great coverage. This should not effect soak off times too much.

Custom mixing is definitely a PLUS with eco! Since the base product of all the colors is identical - the difference is the pigments mixed in - you can mix and concoct to your hearts content!

Thanks for posting that link!
There is a ton more information on the site including some promotional material - FREE to use!

You can also request a FREE Sample at the site, just click the link in the top logo area.