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Full Version: Chicago Beauty Show - Worth Attending?
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Any opinions on the Chicago show and if you feel it is worth attending for some nail education. I attended the show in Orlando last year and thought that was an incredible show. I know that it may not be as great as Premiere Orlando, but may be worth attending anyway.

This is not a show that I have ever made an effort to get to before because it is at such an "iffy" time of year weather wise to fly in and out of Chicago from where I live on the east coast.

But I would be excited to give it a try this year if it sounds worth making the trip.
NO, not if you have to fly here. I do go each year because it is a local show for me, but Orlando is 100X better.
I attended the Chicago Show and loved it. I thought the shopping was great. But I only took skincare classes. I have never been to the Orlando Show so I can't compare it. When is the Orlando Show?
Premiere Orlando is Jun 2, 3, and 4th 2012.

Nail Talk Radio did a live broadcast from the show last year - to hear what you might have missed:

and LIVE from the BeautyTech BBQ:
When is the Chicago show?