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Full Version: Help me with a business name.
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So I think over the next year I will start working from home ( I curently room rent) But I wanna have a baby and we are buying a new house and It will have my own room to work out of. I just need a catchy name for it. I will give you a little back ground and would loe to hear all Ideas. Here are some things to take into consideration
- I currently dont do acrylic or gells ( but wnt to learn eventually)
- I specialze in Shellac
-I specialize in brazillian waxing
-I am a fully certifed advanced Esthetician and I have a Journeyman Esthetician title
-I will be working from home
- My name is Tania
-I will offer all esthetic services..
My current name will have to change as I have the salon names worked into mine.

Please Help!!!!!!!
Skin Deep Aesthetics
I like that reccomendation!!

One of my best gf's came up with my business name..which Is Stella Amante..

ask some friends who know you really well to shoot out some could be based off your personality or things you love as well.