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Full Version: brisa or light elegance
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I am currently using opi gels but do not like their lack of colors. I am debating on whether or not to use brisa, which is easily available near me and a well known name, or light elegance, which seems to have a high color range and different strengths in their builder gels.
Or any other brands would be wonderful
I want to be able to do colored french and glitter french, along with a nice bright white french.
i would have to say that nailite and gelousy have a huge color range in their gels and both provide affordable products and a range of builder aspects to their lines. i use several lines because i am a product ho but those are my majority in colored products.
if you want sog, and readily available sallys carries a ibd and gelish
gelousy has small affordable pots of colored gels and a huge selection.. those little pots last forever.. and a workable builder and high gloss finish gels
nailite has the same selection in both for the same reasonable cost
Brisa UV Gel is a fabulous, easy to work product- it has outstanding clarity, and the whitest white I've ever seen- and it's stays where you put it! It's a Gel system that was designed for the tech that uses L&P acrylic- I've been using it from it's launch, and I adore it. It's light, creamy, clear, and tremendously tough. Smile
I would highly recommend LE, there is a wide range of colors, both for building and for gel polishes as well as a Fabulous glitter gel line. The best customer service going, every person who answers the phones there will take care of your needs and answer your questions, plus all of the educators are extremely helpful~I may be a little biased there though Wink . Plus, you can call them, talk about what you are looking for and they will be happy to send you some samples so you can get a hands-on look at the product.
Here's the contact # 800-275-5596 and check out the website at
Big Grin
I wouldn't limit your choices to the few that are available in the supply houses. Many many fantastic companies purposely do NOT sell in supply houses so that as nail techs you can ask the educators and distributors the questions you have, instead of a girl behind a sales counter. Most companies ship very quickly.

Most nail techs get into a product and use it for years! If you are ready for a switch its worth a little money to get samples (or free samples, some have them) and give other lines a real try. I took over a year testing products until I found my favorite - surprisingly my clients did NOT mind they were test subjects and were awesome at giving me feedback, like gels that ended up being cloudy or not as shiny as others. They enjoyed being part of the process and now when a client moves they specifically try to find someone that uses the gel I do.

Anyway just a little different perspective then just picking a gel Smile