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Does everyone wear gloves when they are doing a pedi?
I don't like feet but I have to do them in school. There is only two nail techs and the other girls is always gone because of her job. So I get stuck with a lot of pedis. The only way I seem to get over the grossness of feet is to wear 2 pairs of gloves as I'm doing the pedi. Besides it makes me feel safe. Some people come in with some nasty feet.
I had a guy come in a couple weeks ago and he was giving me a hard time about wearing gloves. I know my face turned red and I kept telling him it was safety but he kept saying that he just grossed me out. Which it does but I never said that to him or anyone else. My instructure came over and told him that I had to wear them, it is for safety of the students and the clients. Thank goodness that shut him up.
I wear gloves for every pedicure. Even though we're trained to recognize different diseases and disorders, we're not doctors. So, if something slips by us, we need to protect ourselves. Not only that, gloves also protect our client from anything we may have on our hands. It goes both ways.

They are your hands, not his. I think he just wanted a little touchy feely.

You did everything right.
No gloves? No (pedicure) love.
I always use gloves when doing pedis...I go without them whem I am doing my friends feet though...


I don't wear them. I am not grossed out by them however. I would not do a pedicure on someone with open or weeping skin, so other than visible signs, I don't know what we would catch from clean feet? Hands are by far dirtier and even though they should be washed as well, I don't have a barrier between my skin and their hands. You should wear gloves because that's what you want or need. And if anyone gives you a hard time, just keep saying, it's required of you and or that this is how you prefer it so you don't get contact dermatitis from constant exposure to product. Make something up if you have to so you can get your point across.
I wear gloves for ALL services, to protect my skin from contact dermatitis and from the dehydrating effect of dust on my skin, AND to protect my nails! :lol: Keep in mind that the clients you will get in the salon will not be the same cheap-o's who go to the schools for cheap services. If you price yourself to actually make a living once in the salon environment, that alone will weed these people out. I was grossed out a bit in school, but now in the salon I love doing pedicures almost as much as doing art nails.


CandiceAE now that you said it I will admit I enjoy them too. I cannot do as many as I used to with my neck compression problems. I think feet are an area where we can make a huge difference in how the client feels. Feet and toenails can be painful and we can take care of some of that with proper trimming and file work. We can take sad feet and make them dance so to speak. Once out it the world where you are not forced to work on feet that need a doctors care, you will encounter some people you help tremendously just by giving them a great pedicure detailed.
I dont not wear gloves, cant stand em Big Grin
i wear gloves on a case by case basis. if I've got a fresh manicure for an event: GLOVES. Certain clients **namely my rude ex-husband that scheduled a pedicure my first day in a salon to be spiteful because i actually hate feet**: gloves. But for the most part I'm glove free. I just feel like i have more control without them on.
I wear them at the first steps, and than I make sure they have nothing eww than take them off for the massage part unless I see something suspicious.

When I was an Intern the owner chew my butt at the salon because I wear gloves to pick up garbage and dirty towels, asking me if I was a germophobic?, she told me that if I wear gloves I was going to scare people(clients), like those chain nail salons where they wearing masks!.
Their nail tech breath all the gel dust and she told me it was safe to do that (she is been doing that for 6 years!),BUT I knew better, so I ended my internship and wear my mask and gloves freely as I please thank god, taking care of my skin and lungs :wink:
Thank you for all of your replies! Sorry it took me a bit to get back. I've been very busy. School is busy with people coming in for holiday parties and we are getting ready for a hair show. I'm going to keep my gloves on! It just makes me feel better. Yesterday I cut my hand, so the gloves helped me through 3 pedis.

Happy holidays!!
i personally dont wear gloves for pedis, i like to have the ability to really feel the skin ... ive been fasinated with feet since i did a pedi for my great great aunt mabel who was 104 yrs old at the time... she never missed a pedicure right up til she passed at 107 yrs....she had beautiful feet, always polished toes as long as i can remember

anyway, i do wear gloves most of the time when doing fingernails, mainly to protect my own nails from the chemicals and paints etc...go figure....rofl
That is funny Kristi. I want to start wearing them with my manicures but I keep forgetting until after. :oops: