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Full Version: Sales Tax!
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CT just started to tax mani/pedis and hair removal. ...I do sugaring not waxing...not haircuts but removal....questions I have are these
1.Do I tax gift certs. with a certain amount as gift..include in amount or be specific as to amount collected on cert.
2. Do i tax just a specific service and show taxes were collected?

I have called the state and have gotten 2 different answers!! Figures even they don't know what to do....LOL!

TIA! Chris

there is talk about them doing that to us here in texas so i am curious as to the proper answer to your question.
since you got two answers from the comptroller office i would say, pick one .. i mean i dont have a clue but i would err on the side of charge the tax on anything within that ruling.. if its many/pedi and hair removal.. then all of the above services get taxed.. including nails .. it all goes in that same pot.. then of course your products you sell.. i keep a record of all my sales for each day and then they go into a monthly then quarterly figure and i pay my sales tax..
i just report the tax not the service. so i would say if you sell a gift cert you need to charge tax on that and log it in as the total sale amount taxed

sales tax is sales tax, if its a retail item or a service. its all the same