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Full Version: OR Would This excite you more?
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I got off the phone a bit ago with a lady that not too long ago took over a salon, changed the name and reopened here in town. I think 2 of the ladies stayed with her. There is a hairdresser that is doing natural nails on some of her clients, but no one doing acrylics, gels, or gel polish. I am supposed to go check things out tomorrow. Booth rent is $65 a week and I asked if she would be willing to work with me for a while until I could get started up again and she said yes. There are a few things I would like to get, that I will have to eventually anyway.
This salon was one of the more upscale in our town when the other lady had it. I don't know why she got out of it, but she is one of my neighbors and is doing several of her clients at home now.
Does this sound better than the other deal I posted about earlier? I think it does, but as with anything, it is what you can make of it. Say a prayer and have some nice thoughts for me. Tell me what you think.
I will say go for it!!, sounds pretty good.
I like that the owner is going to work with you helping you to start up again!!. Big Grin
Wishing you all the best!. :wink:
I was excited for you about the other opportunity, this one sounds interesting too. Let us know what you think after you check it out.