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Full Version: Help with bubbles in acrylic
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I know this has been covered before but I can't find the thread. I've been getting bubbles in my acrylic and need some help figuring this out. I remember the hint to push your brush down in the monomer to release any air bubbles, so I've been doing that but again today when I put the YN Finish on, I can see bubbles, mainly in the acrylic over the white tips.
be sure to clean your brush and then push down in the monomer once on one side, then once on the other side. when you are getting your ratio of monomer do your swipe on the edge of the dappen jar and use the opposite side to dip into your acrylic. when placing the ball on the tips press down slightly to release the monomer and release, count one two three then clean up the acrylic lines.. push dont stab and dont pat it to death.use the body of your brush to push and align your acrylic bead.
if you work your acrylic too much i think it adds to it..
also.. if you are filing the shine off the tips make sure you get all the dust off, i use a cotton swab dipped in alcohol to clean the nails up prior to application of primer and acrylic or gel.. it seems to get the dust really well while also dehydrating the nail plate.
Thanks. I'll give your suggestions a try. Right now I'm using YN core powders and I read somewhere that sometimes it's better to use the faster setting acrylics. That using the slower setting acrylics can cause bubbles. I'm wondering if maybe switching might help, too, but I don't want to invest any more money until I'm sure it's not my technique.
all i use is the faster set acrylics so you might be on the right track with that information. i would suggest asking for a sample before you purchase.. if you email raymond at young nails and tell him your thought and problem he should send you a freebie of the speed powder/mono sample.. he is pretty good like that
Make sure you are not working too wet Smile