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Full Version: My Christmas Nails...for now
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I got these wraps as a sample from Mystique. So Since I am new to wraps I decided I better try them out on myself to see how they wear. I top coated them with a sparkle topcoat and the topcoat by gelish, plus the crystal bling, Gotta have bling!
[Image: 100_3111.jpg][/img]
they look great!! did you have to heat them at all to fit the nails?
I have those exact same appliques! They are so pretty! I haven't tried out the Mystique appliques yet, but I've used Minx and I've used the Sally Hansen version. Sadly, in my experience, the Sally Hansen version looked and lasted better than the Minx did!
They are beautiful! Big Grin
kailiek: I did heat them and they did alot better than the 1st time I used a different type and did not heat them.

ParkNails: Thank you!

I havn't tried anything else, I did see some at Cosmoprof I want to try.

These were ok, but I have had Minx done and I really like the way they went on.