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Full Version: What's a commission structure typically like...?
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Those of you that are, or have worked commission what was your structure. I kinda feel like Im never going to make it on commission..
I booth rent and feel the same way.
Me too, I knew a place who was giving $3.50 an hour plus 40 commission, but nail services weren't very popular in that place.

Also the other tech who graduate with me, she is working booth renting for $465 a month, I Knew I couldn't do it being a new nail tech Sad . I don't see how in the heck I will come as being a new nail tech with a full appointment book Sad , just saying :? .
I think commission structure is going to vary by location. Here it can be almost anything. My experiences have been an offer of 35%- they furnished supplies. Told them no. I have done a 50%- they furnished supplies and what I wanted. 55%- they furnished. 60%- they furnished everything. I have also been offered 60% and I furnished. Also 70 and 75% and I furnished. Like booth rent it can be anywhere.
ParkNails :

> I don't see how
> in the heck I will come as being a new nail tech with a full appointment book
> Sad , just saying :? .

If you continue to do work like the set in your avatar, you'll have no problem Smile A good marketing plan and patience helps too Smile
If you work on comm. it's pretty much up to the the business what they offer. Some even do a sliding scale, the more business you generate the more you make in %.
If a salon is only offering 35%, they need to furnish supplies and bene's. If they're doing 50%, I'd LIKE for them to furnish product because otherwise, with that and if there's no other bene's like sick pay, vaca time, paid education, then there's really no reason to stay, imo. The norm is 60-65% and they furnish supplies.
You have to put the pencil to it, figure out what you're making per service and determine how long it will take you to do the service.
Now, you see why the NSS push 'em in and out so fast....time is MONEY!


I have worked commission in the past. I never made more than 50% and never less than 45%. I have also never worked commission where I have to supply anything, but hard tools like usual, nippers brush, dish. They supply product, files, towels. I think when you work for a place on commission and they want you to buy your own supplies, then you might as well become a renter, supplies are not cheap.
Quote:scratchmyback :
> ParkNails :
>> I don't see how
>> in the heck I will come as being a new nail tech with a full appointment book
>> Sad , just saying :? .
> If you continue to do work like the set in your avatar, you'll have no problem
> Smile A good marketing plan and patience helps too Smile

scratchmyback, thank you!, you are right!, I apologize.
I better go practicing!. Big Grin :wink:.
I can do for sure more sets like my avatar :wink: , the right time and place will come soon, I hope Big Grin.
Did you free hand those parknails? I love them!
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> Did you free hand those parknails? I love them!

Hi moonkissed, Thank you!.
No I didn't, I tried but just one came out somehow nice, my brush was a little to wide to make them that small and perfect, I use a stamping plate here is the link from where I got it, in case you or anybody else is interested :wink:
I am 50/50 and of course keep all my tips, ALL products are supplied. Sounds pretty normal..but it kills me to see a $24 an hour day turn into a $12 an hour day Sad
I started at 50/50 with products supplied. It definitely wasnt enough to live on. The owner often didnt keep supplies stocked and watered alot of stuff was time to move on. Once I was able to provide my own supplies, it gave me the freedom to use what I wanted to and I was able to get a 70/30 split. Ive struggled to find the right fit in a salon since then with honest owners but changing my commison structure in my favor has helped tremendously. I would not accept less than a 60/40 split no matter who provides the products. It is afterall your labor, not the owner's and as others on this forum have said to me...your labor has value.
I would like to jump in here with an owners opinion. I do a 50/50 commission split with my nail tech. And I furnish ALL supplies. I'm sorry but with the cost of products at an all time high along with the over head of a spa/salon, you ladies need to realize that giving up 50% of profit is a LOT and we honestly do NOT put a whole lot of money in our pockets. When I pay my employee she gets to take that check and deposit it in her bank account and go on her merry way, I have to take half my split and pay all the supplies, rent, phone bill, internet, advertising, security, and the list goes on. Did I paint a clear picture? You can see how quickly that "half" goes out the window to be able to furnish that employee a job. I know it's easy to get hung up in the fact that it's your service and time but you have to keep a level head, if you only knew what we as owners take on financially and physically in a day to give you a job and pay you as best we can you wouldn't feel like you where getting ripped off at a 50% split. I can speak from experience and say that if I was giving up more than 50% and furnishing all supplies I would be losing money and my tech would soon not have a job because I would be out of business. You have to remember owners don't open businesses to give their employees more profit than they make, they have to make money it's their right and the point of opening a business. I think that a 50% split with your owner paying supplies is a very fair split. If you think you should get more then you need to look into booth renting. You will very quickly realize you had it pretty good at a 50% split because paying all your own overhead is extremely expensive. Hope this gives you a different perspective on the original question. As a side note, I have been a nail tech for 13+ yrs and never worked a job that payed me more than 50% commission. They always furnished my supplies as a commissioned employee. The only exception to a higher commission split is if my tech was going to pay for her own supplies, I would probably do a 40/60 or 35/65.


Even booth renters should know that we don't keep 50% of our little business in a business. After rent, taxes, supplies, insurance, business line, brochures, cards, websites and other misc items, we would be lucky to have 50% left over. So a commission tech, should feel secure with 50% and no burden of business cost.
Amen Sobeit! As much as I love being an owner, there are days that I feel like it's just not worth it and should just go back to 50% commission and actually have money to deposit back into the bank!!! It's amazing how you don't realize how expensive it is to run a business until you actually do it.
As another owner, I have to heartily agree with the above by nailtechNC28117.

Besides incredible overhead to keep a place going, I will just say that there is also great stress keeping up with paperwork, keeping employees happy, customers happy, dealing with employee's personal problems that spill over into the workplace, etc. - all an incredible and very serious responsibility.

If you take away an owner's ability to provide the necessary supplies and overhead with unreasonable commissions, the stress of paying all of the bills will sink a responsible owner in a short period of time.

A few years ago I considered carrying AVEDA products. During our conversations, a very abrupt AVEDA representative told me that if I ever considered paying any technician in my business more than 50% commission, that I would be considered a very foolish business owner and that I could expect to close my doors. She said that anyone in business today with a proper business head knows that the numbers just don't work if you pay someone over 50% commission, because eventually you will not be able to pay your bills. She spoke down to me as if I was a silly country bumpkin, but I always remembered the advice - even if the delivery was a bit unmerciful.


It's my understanding that the owner makes pennies to the dollar. As income anyway. I thank my salon owner for keeping the doors open and for taking this responcibility on. And I am a renter. He makes a fixed amount from me. But it's still his burden to keep up on every detail and expense to keep the doors open and lights on. An owner may have 10 employees but that just makes it more expensive in taxes, supplies, utilities, water, insurance. It's hard. And it's why I am a renter.
It needs to be fair on both sides.
completey understand - I know that the gal I am working for is not rich by any means..

altho I do not work for a salon owner..I believe I am what is called a sub contractor...I do not pay for our little space in the salon-she does. But I am self employed just like she is. I carry my business license and liability insurance.