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Full Version: I lost my nail!
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A couple of months ago I banged my pinkie nail and now the nail finally fell off. It looks aweful! Does anyone have any suggestions other than to keep a bandaid on all the time (which is very impractical when you wash your hands a lot!). It seems that nothing will adhere to the skin.

I have never had to do it yet and I hope I never do but you can make your own nail out of acrylic and get it to stick to the skin.

Check out you tube as there is some tutes on there about it and see if it's something you could doSmile
well, I looked in youtube and found only one for a missing toenail. tried the acrylic and was excited to find that it worked....but then it only lasted 24 hrs. and fell off! guess I'll just have to wait til something starts to grow so that there is something for the enhancement to attach to.
i made an acrylic nail for a client a few years ago, we made a few dozen with different polish colors she brought from home so she always had a match. we used lash adhesive. she said that she got a few days out of it before having to reapply adhesive. she also stated that if she put on a product called "second skin" which is a liquid bandage she got longer wear time.

hope this helps