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Full Version: how to get glitters in gel to be optimized in sparkle
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i do gel nails and have good success. how ever, i do a pink nail bed with nailites pink then do any tip color or mix of colors. mymproblem is< how do i get glitter in nail bed area to show up. the pink on nail bed is opaque and dulls out my glitter when i mix it with the pink. Am I making any sence? I want my glitter to be clear and visiable in the pink nail bed, please advise me. hank you for your valued time.
It sounds like you need to either put more glitter in your nail bed mix, or maybe you need to do your nail bed regular then do a quick swipe of the glitter mixed into clear to go on top of the pink.
I agree with Cat's 2nd suggestion -- do your pink nail bed, cure, then either "pat" or "press" some crystal (or other color) glitter onto the sticky dispersion layer or mix your glitter with clear gel and swipe a thin layer over the pink and cure. I've tried adding glitter to the opaque pink gel, and it never got sparkly enough for me!

Good luck!
Yes - apply glitter in a think clear layer over top of the pink, this will solve your problem nicely.