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Full Version: Tips on Tips??
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Big Grin I need tips on how to pick which tips to use. Im looking for small portion to blend and one that will work with a one step gel in pink

i like thin natural tips , but i also have a plethera of all if you call lisa at nailite, she could send you a sample of a few.. they have all kinds.. and thats where i get mine from, also remember to unshine tips when using gel
Thanks for the tips lol. I just havent found a tip i like yet. Ive tried almost all of them at sally's and State only has a few CND ones. I may have to call Nailite and ask for samples at this point cause i cant make up my mind and the ones im trying just look bad to me.
I am a huge fan of the preetched natural tips. I get mine from
thanks Tammi T
I've never been able to find some that I like either, so I tend to sculpt almost 100% of the time.
I found some through premier nail source that I like using. They are nice and sturdy and blend well and are cheap too boot. I find the cnd and opi tips are too flimsy most of them time for my hard core nail girls. They are the Nail Basix Brand