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Full Version: What do you think? Would this excite you?
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I called about a post on craigslist. The lady wants to add nails to her tanning business. She knew nothing about what to do. I explained to her that she would have to apply to the SB and there were some guidelines as to what she would have to have to open a nail salon. We have kept in touch and today she called as she has heard from the SB. She will have to add a sink to the room, and has a plumber coming this afternoon to check it out. Because I gave her the info, she wants me to come to work. This is an adventure waiting to happen or a defeat. I want it to be an adventure. Would you attempt this? Starting from scratch and building- hopefully, a clientelle. She told me that over half of her tanners were interested in having their nails done. The only thing that I have concerns about is space for pedis. I am not sure of the size of this room. She does spray tans in it now, and wants to use it for nails because it has v a ventelation system. Go or no go?
go check out the room. See if you could resonably work in the space. What could it hurt to just go look.
All you need is a 10x10 space or 100 square feet
I'm intrigued! I would definitely go and check the room out, you have nothing to lose. Let us know how it goes Smile
Would any of your clients follow you? If not, could you work a few days in your current location and a few in the new one each week while you build? If you have a target start date, you could always start promoting early and start booking appointments a few weeks in advance since she has a built in clientele! Sounds like an exciting opportunity if the space is workable.
One other thing you might ask about is how warm the building gets. I know my area is right outside of the single tanning bed the salon has and when it gets used my area warms up a bunch so I have to crank up the ac for a bit or my product sets very very quickly. Thankfully our bed doesn't get used much.
And what happened here, did you go to see the place?
I hope you choose right :wink: