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Just restarting my career and was giving a free month before paying booth rent but now I have to start paying 135.00 a week and I am only making about 175.00 a week as is does it ever get better after paying I will have made 40.00 for the weeks work what should I do? any help please ideas
that sounds high to me. Did you try to find a place that would let you work on commission?
I really like the people I just think the rent is too high and I did not look for a commission place never thought about that
Is the rent higher than other booth rentals for similiar situations in your area? If so, maybe you can sit down and have a re-negotiation with your landlord/salon owner. Hope so.
If you've not signed a contract, then find another place to work at, one that preferably is more willing to work with you. One month free is not enough time for someone trying to build their business. You'll need at least 6 months to a year to accomplish it. Maybe the owner would be willing to work with you once you explain that you can't make a living for yourself at this rate. IMO, a good business owner will understand that a half loaf is better than no loaf at all. She can adjust your rent or she can lose you rent all together.......just depends on how much the owner wants to keep the money coming in to pay the bills.


I am going to be pretty frank, please don't take it the wrong way. Did you know what your booth rental lease required and, that your free month would end and, would go to full price of $135 a week when you took the space and signed the agreement? I know your asking if it gets better, and I can only say from one renter to another, it will only give you what you put into it. It's soley on your shoulders to gather and keep clients in your chair. A very labor intensive duty that can be very rewarding. It's a good plan to be an employee at first to build your books, and then go out on your own. But since your starting as a renter, I bet you can fill your chair with some good marketing and selling yourself. Negotiations at this point can certainly be discussed, but don't be upset if the owner isn't willing at this point. They have to pay their bills too and rent is usually based on the space. It won't always be the case where the salon should take lower or nothing, since they can get a new renter in that spot instead. I would absolutely talk about it first and see what you can do. If nothing can be worked out, see if you can break your lease after finding a less expensive space. I wish you lots of luck and lots of money.