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Full Version: Does Anyone Remember this?
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A while ago, a couple of places sold a type of gel...the hard kind of gel used for back in '08 maybe...or before. Anyway it was a one step process...kind of like the gel polishes are now where it goes on like polish but it was for people who needed could be done over tips etc and was just treated like a regular fill when the time came.

Does anyone remember this?

I need a hard gel enhancement to offer clients. I used to use CND but it was very tricky to build...and there were lifting problems. I have heard about "ten" which is probably a great product...but the "heat spikes" scare me... I can totally see this going awry in my case. LOL
Try Christrio or LeChat. Most Gel companies have a gel that can be used as a 1-step too - just ask them.
there's lots of co.'s that sell a one step gel, Nailite does, TEN, Gelousy. You'll need to work quickly to sculpt with TEN, tho. I believe Nailite's Stylus line is one step and it's thick enough to build with.

I remember you from your classes! Best nail education I ever received!

Now I KNOW you had a gel...because you showed it to was beautiful...and simple!....but when I went to your website, it wasn't there Sad

This was the product this question was based on...

okie..I will check out your recommendations.

All the Best to you...and Thanks for all the things you taught in your made me better at my job...believe me!


When I run out of my builder gel, I used a product I have as a one step. Akzentz natural line can be used as a one step and IMO is very cost effective. It comes in clear, translucent pink, coverage warm and coverage cool, but for this situation, clear or pink would be your best bet.

It is a medium/rigid viscosity and I can do all 5 fingers before curing without it moving and doesn't have a huge heat spike (I tell my clients to put their hands in and out, count to 2, take it out, count to 4 put it back in this usually keeps it from spiking at all. Or do two thin coats), it is also very shiny so if you do it perfect you don't even need to put clear on top. The only thing this isnt is a bonder.

Akzentz has trilight for that, a bonder, builder and top coat all in one that is super strong only very very watery and you would have to do one nail at a time, and I find that it has a quick and strong heat spike...
TEN can be used to sculpt with. It takes some understanding the product which apparently some people have a problem with.
If you ever have any questions you are always welcome to call or email me directly and I will be happy to help you. Once you have been explained to how to correctly use TEN gel it is truly an amazing gel to wear. There are some really simple tricks to make TEN an awesome builder.
The heat spikes everyone talks about is very easily and completely avoidable.
Hi Brenda,

That's a cute avatar btw ...

I like the way TEN looks. I like to see thin looking natural nail enhancements...but I don't want to hurt my customers. How easily is this avoided? Does TEN have a sample kit?
was it Angel love nails?
I use Gelousy one step for overlays. comes in a polish bottle and you float it on. They also have another hard gel for enhancements.