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Full Version: some people!
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i haved a client that comes in every 3 weeks to get a pedi with shellac on her toes.. she is very nice, but high maintenance.. what i mean is that i have to remind her several times of her appt and even then, she will sometimes forget! i got her from someone else in the shop. the nail tech never called her to confirm appts, therefor she missed a ton..
i texted her yesterday to remind her of her 730 am appt.. no response.. at 730 pm i try again.. she said she is still working and plans on being there.. i hardly sleep last night and have to get up at 530 to get ready for this 730 appt... i am on my way out the door at 630 am when i turn my cell phone on. she has cancelled her appt! she just got home and is too tired and she wants to come next week.. ok, this is not the first time this has happened and yep, i am not happy.. so i text her back this morning and say that i don;t know what time you texted me but i am dressed and headed out the door for your appt. also, moving your appt to next week is going to mess up your every three week schedule. i will look at my book and get back to you later.. she texted me 30 min ago and told me to cancel them all.. you know, i don;t feel like i was wrong at all!! i could understand if this was the first time she has done this.. mostly, she will text late at night and say she cannot make it or she does not show up at all.. although i am sorry she worked so late and is tired, what about all the times i have gotten up early for you to have you no show or cancel on me?
Don't even worry about it. You don't need her.

I used to worry about whether or not people like her would give me a bad reputation to others but then I realized that if that client is this way about me and her appointments, she's the same way in other parts of her life. Other people will know her for what she is and will take everything she says with a grain of salt.

My policy is, if a client misses more than 2 consecutive appointments or misses more than 3 appointments in a month time frame, then I take them out of my book and they have to call and see if they can get in the day they call. And honestly, that really can never happen because I'm 99% booked and they know it. I rarely have a no-show.

Be glad that you don't have to get up so early anymore and move on! And make sure you NEVER schedule anyone for that early again! You need your beauty sleep!
I agree with HarmonySky.
I had a client that rescheduled her appt. with me she was so pickiy during her appts. I was frustrated that she didn't let me finish her nails, before she was telling me how SHE wanted them to look. She drove me nuts! I always did her nails the way she wanted, after all she is going to wear them. One day I called her and I am not close to the shop, so I was there early for her and had texted her 2x, no response. Finially I called and no answer. She then called me back and when I tried to reschedule her and we discussed her keeping appts. She got ticked off and she said cancel them all! I am so glad to be rid of her! At first I was upset by losing her, but now I am just glad to be rid of her. She is someone else's headache. Don't worry about clients like that, they do not repect our time and our job! Enjoy the ones that do.
Isn't the feeling you get after you realize you don't have to deal with their b.s. wonderful, tho??!! The only thing that is better is if they come back and beg you to take them back.....THEN it's on YOUR terms, not theirs.... :twisted:
She was very rude to do that to you, but I'd be like "YES! I dont have to deal with her any more!!!" If she calls later and wants to get back in with you, just point blank tell her you aren't accepting her as a client. Sometimes it's just not worth it. I hate it when they think we dont have a life too.

I had a client like that in the past. She called this past Wednesday to try to get an appt with me again. I have openings, but I told her I was all booked up. I just dont have time to stress about people like that.
This is where a cancellation policy (enforced) comes in handy!! I agree, I wouldnt re-book her. Think of it this way, when you eventually are fully booked, do you want a full book of clients who respect your time, or do you want people who will be constantly messing up your schedule and making you cranky? At that point, you would NOT have time to deal with them. I feel like I owe it to my other clients to make sure that I'm not ticked off from these types of things, as it makes their time with me so much more enjoyable! :wink:
I've had to actually fire 3 clients and although it wasn't fun I have never once regretted that I did it. They had no respect for my time, would cancel 15 minutes before their appointments or not show up at all. Even though they would mostly come every two weeks and I was worried about losing the income, I now have clients who have replaced them who DO show up on time, don't cancel at the last minute and I am a happier girl because of it.

In the long run, you will be happier when you have clients you look forward to seeing, who don't take your time for granted and treat you with respect.
some of these people are just rude! i have one that does me like that sometimes.. she is either late after i call and make sure that morning she knows when her appt is or she cancels on me last min due to work which she knew about the day before.. i started charging her 20 bucks more.. it kinda stopped.. but i would love to get rid of her alltogether.. but she tips me like nobodys business when she comes.. even tho i now charge her if it were not for that she would be gone.. i have a rule. for everyone if you do me cruddy you just dont get back in the door.. i dont tolerate no shows at all.. go to the asians if you want to treat me like one!!!
i will be implementing my new policy as of jan 1st. i am having the 24hr rule printed on my new bus cards and a sign on the door stating the same. if you cant do notice of 24hr you will prepay for your next appt. (well thats pretty much what it says) lol
One of the joys of working for yourself is being able to fire clients that aren't helping your business. For every one of her, there are at least three other ladies out there that will book regular appointments and actually show up for them!