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Full Version: Shellac client - revisit dryness
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I have a client who has become a regular Shellac client. She is in her mid 60's and her nails were a bit dry when she started. I use the acetone/foil removal - 10 mins. There is no problem with Shellac staying on her but she does have breaks from time to time. She only likes the length but maybe 1/4 in or less beyond her finger. She was a regular polish user before with out issue.

The problem is although she says she uses oil, the breaking does not seem to be the issue as much as flaking of the nails. Not only do they flake taking Shellac with it on the free edges, (she will come in on her two week visits with 4 or more flaked off), the soaking off with reveal the layers on the verge of flaking.

More than likely she is not using oil enough, but is she not a Shellac candidate after all? I will more than likely try her on others I have like Eco, Gelish or even Axxium SOG. She does not want me to file off the polish instead of soak.

Any advice or options?

Thank you.
I would just try keeping her nails shorter at her manitenance appointments. And make sure you smooth out any peeling that's on the nail before you apply product as well.

Another thing I can suggest to improve the wear on the free edge. With each coat of your product, start by sealing the free edge, then apply the product on the suface of the nail. This will make sure you cover that area, and avoid excess product on the free edge.

Hope this helps.

i really like the gellish over shellac and i dont soak them.. i gently file it off.. i dont like people being in acetone that often
kailiek :
> i really like the gellish over shellac and i dont soak them.. i gently file
> it off.. i dont like people being in acetone that often

hmmm....well the client does not like the the thought of filing the gel for removal.
really it zips right off and you can fill whats under the color.. but if she doesnt want you to she doesnt.. i understand.
i agree with sealing the edge first.. also
what are you using to buff up the nail or prep, shape? glass or crystal files work very well on fe of brittle nails, there was an article once about how it actually seals the nail edge vs other files tear into the nail edge causing splintering and peeling.
i also think you have to look at the overal picture too. some just have brittle nails. did this just start when she started using the sog?
what are her meds if any? is she in relatively good health? is she using cuticle oil ?
i put my bad nail clients on rejuvicote for a month periodically with reg mani's, that stuff rocks when it comes to rebuilding the nail

good luck
Thank you.
She did have flaking nails before the Shellac. As noted in my original post, she may not be using oil enough or may not be a good candidte for Shellac.

The Shellac doesnt peel on her. It's her nails flaking and of course then takes the Shellac with it. It's difficult to combat that when she is back in 2-3 days from the service to redo her nail that is missing a big piece of the color.

I cap the f/e with each color coat and then again with the top coat. I feel certain it is not the product or the application as much as it is her flaking nails.

She may wind up my test client for other products and options.

I have another client who is have similar issue on the free edge, but not as many nails. Again, the flaking nails taking Shellac color with it. And then at the time of removal at regular appt the flaking on other nails revealing itself after soak.


Thanks again to you both for your responses.
Perhaps she needs to use more moisturizing oil? I have a couple of older ladies that use olive oil because it's heavier than almond or grapeseed oil. She may need a nutritional supplement too. Many stores carry a specific "hair and nail" formula that's basically just a biotin/b vitamin supplement. It helps my nails a lot!
I love Axxium SOG for weak nails, but it is harder to soak off than eco or gelish, so if the issue is the nails being too dry and too weak the longer soak off time might not be good either.
Anna, some one with consistent peeling nail plates should be on a true enhancement product, or if the UVGP is really preferred, at a minimum one very thin coat of a soak off product such as Axxium as your base. The UVGP should soak off fine leaving the base layer pretty much intact, possibly a light white bock buff needed before reapplication. I would apply the soak off during the reapplication to just the new growth area, feathering it into the original product. If your brand of UVGP stresses capping the free edge then make sure you get that good.
I'm a big fan of solar oil by creative and I actually give the trial size bottle to all of my Shellac clients just to make sure their nails stay hydrated. Creative educators advise that everyone who uses shellac use the oil in conjunction. I have a few clients who peel from the nails free edge as well and its frustrating! But I do find that the more they use the oil the better the nails look and it cuts down on the dehydrated peeling. But I have had a few who have taken a break and the peeling seems to stop. I think that its not a perfect product for everyone.... just like anything in life. Acetone is pretty rough and i suggest limiting exposure. Don't let the fingers stay wrapped any longer than they have to be.
I would try OPI GelColor. I find that it soaks off better, without the dryness. Because it soaks off clean there is no "scraping" the product off (bad for the nails)
Also I find that OPI Expert Touch Remover and Gelish Remover are not as drying as pure acetone. That's all I use now.
Have any of you tried soaking off with acetone mixed with cuticle oil? I do this with my acrylics? Then just clean the nails really well before reaplying.