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Full Version: How would I do this?
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The link is to a very talented nail techs facebook page...

I am having troubles figuring out how to do some of the art stuff with gel, such as the pic I linked to. I have no trouble doing one layer, such as a rockstar french or a glitter fade, but if I wanted to do an inlay of shells or foil or beads etc after I put the glitter on, how would I do that without putting tons of layers of gel on and making them super thick? Suggestions would be great, I'm so confused,lol.
My suggestion would be to do your base, add the glitter in a very thin layer, cure, put a thin thin amount of gel down on top of that to stick your mylar etc... Cure, then cover it with a builder gel. I've done many times and have never had a problem with them being too thick. If the gel is thick after your final cure file it down, practice first to make sure you don't file away all the fun stuff.. I would use a medium sanding band. Just my input, hope it helps ;-)
If you are trying to embed something that is a bit thick, try putting it at the thickest part of the nail, at the apex.
When I embed things, I do a very thin base layer, then start from there. If I happen to file a bit too deep, I go back in with a thin brush with a bit of gel on it, apply it just to the area that needs to be retouched, then use the same brush to pick up some glitter and press it in place. Cure and then seal, and the touch up is unnoticeable.


Thanks ladies that's very helpful! So filling something like this... I wouldn't be able to change the design completely at the next fill without completely removing right?
that's true. If you did a fade or something like that rather than full cover color, the person could wear the same design for at least 3 weeks or more. Lots of my clients justify the extra cost of getting something over the top done if they can wear it at least 3-4 weeks. After that, they're ready for something new.