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Airbrush systems First let me say I am not arist and can not draw so I was looking at one so I can put some nice art on the nails. I see one for 77 and then I see a kit 150 which I am looking at bc it comes with everything.
Airbrush art is awesome. The possibilities are endless. The only thing I didn't like about airbrushing was that there was zero training in my area. However with YouTube, I'm sure there is lots of info available. Perhaps I should dust mine off....
You should totally go for it.
Hth, Heather
thank you I am going to try and you are right about the training online only
I had one years ago and never really learned how to use it. I wanted to recommend an alternative or additional nail art system.
Its the Konad stamper. There are other threads on here about it and I would look into it. You can buy cheaper plates on amazon that are " bundle monsters" and they work great!! Just a suggestion for u. good luck in whatever you do!
I did airbrush a long time ago, and I really enjoyed it but it was a bit of work to clean the gun afterwards. Getting the spray consistent was another problem I had. The compressor was too loud and and overall it was a pia! Now, I believe the guns are better and the compressors are much quieter.
Airbrush isn't so much about being an artist, tho being artistic DOES help, but about color theory, technique, and learning how to use the stencils. It's not that hard to master, and you can create some really beautiful work with it.
The other thing I didn't like was the clean up of the client's hands afterwards. There's overspray and that needs to be removed before the client leaves. You can use a top coat, let it dry, then have them wash but if you're not meticulous with it's application and miss a spot, when they wash, there goes some design!
ok thank you so much, I have had my licenses for some years but I am just now really getting in to nails