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Full Version: Dried fruit added to unscented products--thoughts??
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Has anyone ever used dried and fresh fruit in their pedicures??

I was thinking of getting some of this brand of stuff "Botanical Escapes" and thought it may be cool to do some signature masks and lotions and stuff with it. But I've seen a few cool things like "stawberry pedicures" and such things, I don't want to buy a whole bunch of different products to get the same effect, so I thought a cheap dehydrator, some fruit and a pestle and mortar might be a good alternative to add to un-scented mask bases and lotions...



Anyone? I thought this was a pretty cool idea... Sad
sounds yummy! if you do this be sure you have correct storage for those fruits even tho they may be dried, i use dried herbs/flowers/and the such from botanical escapes.. i love the idea behind mixing my own to present nicely and smell wonderful, my clients, well they just dont really but its cheaper on my pocketbook too. and some really enjoy the idea
If you are just interested in the scent, you can use essential oils. They are much more stable (no rotting, mold, etc) than using actual fruit or even dried fruit, and are the way to go for lotion. I also like EO for scrubs. I make them all the time with organic sugar, EO and then oil of choice, which is ususally a mix of organic jojoba and almon or grapeseed.
For masques, I suggest looking into powdered fruits. You can find almost anything powdered, and the anti-oxidants and vitamins are still retained. They work well in masques mixed with kaolin and bentonite clay. I like using honey powder as a moisturing masque, and carrot powder for anti-aging.
Dried fruit will still have a bit of moisture and be hard to work with, IMO. If you want to use actual fruit, I would think fresh fruit would be easier to deal with. The issue with any of these items, of course, is drain clogging, which another reason I prefer the powders and essential oils.