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So, can someone explain how I go about registering to shop with Cosmoprof? I do not know what Beauty Systems Group is, or have a Cosmoprof ProClub Card... so, I don't know what to do?
is a beauty systems group card just a sally beauty supply card??


I was wondering the same thing...
That link is for a trade show. Not the same thing.

If you are planning to shop in the store, you'll need to take your license in to register. They'll give you a card for free, and ask for it before you begin each checkout. I don't use the online store, I just glanced at it quickly, but it looks like you'll need the card # in order to register. So either way, you have to take your license to the store. This is a pro-only store. They will turn away DIYs who enter.

SWIBeauty - for you, you'll need a copy of your diploma or certification, something that indicates you are a nail professional who graduated from a recognized program (they will tell you if they recognize it or not).

And no, it's not the same as a Sally card.

BTW they are having their 10% off day this coming Sunday/Monday, just so you know Smile
Well..... I have seen so many posts about it on here, I thought I would check it out. But, I would have to order online because I dont have a store here in Colorado. Maybe I will look up their phone number and call, because obviously, I cannot take in my license Smile

St. Joe had cosmoprof open here and I went and registered and got some nail stuff that state doesn't have in stock. But I noticed their prices are higher than State Beauty supply and they don't carry Redken so I'm sticking with State for now. And most the people working at state are licensed and they r not pros at peels or cosmoprof whenever I ask them a question they look at me like I'm crazy lol