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I am now a US distributor of a new tool which is a Sam Biddle creation. It is a Be Creative product in her line. It is called an Art Pen. For now, if you go to my fb pages you can see a video and pics.
I havn't been on BT for a while and need to figure out how to post a pic and videos here.
I can't begin to tell you how much I like this Art Pen. I use it everyday and I have got the best feedback from my customers.
Please view my Facbook
Tess walters
looks similar to a sugar styler. how much do they run?
Hi, The sugar styler is also a Be creative product. But the Art pen is different. I like it because it makes finer lines and you can write your name real tiny and out line your work. I think of it as writing with a really sharp pencil. they are 18.95.
How would we get one from you? Do they only work with acrylic paint or does it work with nail polish too?
Pre order your pens. These pens were created for any waterbased acylic paint. I use both airbrush paint and plaid. If you want to use plaid needs to have a little water added to it. You will want to buy sme plastic jars with spill proof lids from a craft store to store your paints. Refer to video on utube. (theartofthepen) I tell everyone to buy one bottle of black airbrush paint. Then you can see the cnsistency that you need to make your plai paint. One reason I use both is that airbrush paint doesn't come in as many colors.
the arp pen is only 18.95 It makes all my work more detailed and refined. I like to sy that it is like writing with a really sharp pencil.
I can invoice you if you send me your email address through paypal or a money order is also fine.
I am waiting on a new shipment. Should be here buy wed.
Thank you for your order,Tess WaltersSmile
I am now on utube. (theartofthepen) The art of the pen
If I can figure out how to post it here I will.
Off to the salon now.byeSmile
Hi Tess, I was just browsing on Sam Biddle's blog yesterday.

This pen looks very interesting saw the vid, are you going to make more vids for youtube? I would love to see more.

How much is the shipping?.

I am also interested in the Arabella forms, wonder if you know about them? or a USA distributor?
Thank you.

Big Grin
Yes I will post more videos of my work hopefully this weekend. you can view lots of pics if you go to my fb tess Walters. just scroll down thru the older posts on my profile page. Yes I can get you some Arabella forms. The pens are 18.95 shipping ia standard 10.00 usps. I also give 2 pages of nail designs to help you get started.
dont mean to complain, but gosh, $10 for shipping a pen? Cant you put it in a flat rate priority mail envelope or small flat rate box for $4.80?
I was concerned about the shipping price too, but I ordered anyway. Cant wait to get mine.
I totally understand! I hate to pay it myself. My shipping from the uk is crazy. Standard shipping is 10.00 because of insurance,packaging,etc. Almost everyone charges a minimum 10.00 for shipping these days in the states.
SorrySmile I hope you wil still order. I am dedicated to helping you learn how to use this pen. It's a win /win. I also send you two pages of design ideas so you can get started right away. Use my ideas to copy or elaborate on. I am here as an educator to help with your design skills.
Let me know if ai can helpSmile
Tess, I know I just ordered at the beginning of the week, but when can I expect the pen? I just want to keep an eye out for it.
Sorry, I dont know what I'm griping about, I know I want one anyway. I sent you my email but never got a PayPal invoice from you. Did you send it?
I am planning on ordering one as well, but I was hopefull that you could tell a fine tip calligraphy pen but I am sure that there has to be a difference. I watched the video and I couldnt really tell how the ink flows, so I though I would just check with you- thanks!
It is like a caligraphy pen. The only difference is, that this is made to hold paint. If you were to use a reg. calig. pen it clogs when you put a thicker liquid in it like paint. That is why She had a new nib made for us techs.
Jennie what is your last name? And I will check. My shipment will be here around wed.

Coleen I will invoice you.

Sorry It has been very busy at the Salon. I am a little behind on invoicing
Oh I didnt realise you didnt have them in stock. Would have been kind of nice to have them for all the Christmas nail art I have coming in this week.
I saw this pen on SAMs website, it looks like a calligraphy pen. I also saw the ball pen, what is the difference between the 2 pens?
Has anyone tried to use a calligraphy pen for nail art?

Will you be selling the ball pen also? I think the website had shipping listed for around $5.00 but it did not specify if that was the cost to ship to the U.S

I love the look and ease of using the pen. I have to decide if $10.00 shipping is worth it.
10.00 is a standard fee for shipping. I also include 2 pages of design ideas to help you get started,and insurance. I also drive back and forth from the post office a lotSmileI'm dedicated to helping you learn how to use this Art pen thru videos,and online communication. That is a lot of my time. If you were to take a class it would be way more expensive.Smile
The reason this pen was created, is because paint gets clogged in a caligraphy pen. Be Creative had different nibs put in the kit so you wouldn't have to deal with skipping and clogged paint.
Please feel free to ask me anything you want. I am here to help.
I got the video to work for the sugar styler. What is the difference between the 2 art pens? They look similar to me.
Will you sell more of their items other than the art pen? I apologize about my complaint regarding S&H. I will be placing an order, there are a few items I have my eye on, if you are going to sell their othr items I will order from you.
Hey, No appologies needed here! We all want to know where are money goes.Smile
The Sugar styler is for anybody to purchase, not just nail techs. The art pen gives a more fine detail.
I just sent you an email on facebook as I'd like to purchase one.
Will you be selling any of their other items? If so I'd rather order from you. So the sugar styler and calligraphy pen are basically the same?
I won't be selling anything but the Art Pen. Sorry. you can ask Carla Collier she is on FB and in the us.
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