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Wondering if you've shipped the ones already sold yet?
They haven't arrived yet! Probably because of the holiday mail from europe to Indiana. Sorry, I will send you an email when they ship.
We have reduced the shipping costs to 5.00 now.Smile The pen will come in a padded envelope with 3 sheets of designs, that you can practice if needed.


I don't know if I am just being a dork, but I can't find where to order.
I'd like to order, too!
Sorry, just email me your email address and I will invoice you thru a secure site(paypal). Paypal sends you an invoice and then I send you your pen. I am shipping some out in the am.
And if it is more convienient for you, you can call my salon (574)732-0391 and I can put your credi card # thru my terminal. Then I will shred your # for you. I know some people don't have paypal.
Thanks for your order. I will send 2 sheets of designs that I have done to get your creative juices flowing. Feel free to copy or embellish. I am also encluding a paractice sheet that you can make copies from. I laminated one and practiced painting on it. You can wipe it clean with water. I also painted right on some of the paper sheets then made copies. You can make a book of your designs that way! If you want you can paint between the lines to add color.
I want you to love this pen as much as I do. So ask anything you want. I can't wait to see some pics of other peoples work.
Quote:So the sugar styler and calligraphy pen are basically the same?

Yes and no. Appearances yes, function not really. The Art Pen is a basic fountain pen with a normal (detachable) nib. Looks like a size 5 from what I can see. You can buy these in any stationery shop from about $2. Common in nail art and calligraphy. Was a common writing tool in schools last century.

The sugar styler is a fixed, ridged nib that retains ink on its ridges as opposed to a well in the nib. Commonly used in cake decorating to manipulate fine piping techniques. But also common in nail art and calligraphy. She also makes a needle pen which is essentially a dental wand. Again, you can purchase one of these from a med supplies place for about $6.

I love how everything old is new again in the world of nails 8)
Hello everyone, Please read the book I just wrote below(*-*) LOL
The one and only Art Pen is a Be Creative product from Sam Biddle. This is her idea. There has never beeen an art pen like this designed for the kind of work we nail techs do. Beautytech has always been a place where we could come and talk about the products we use. This is a place where you can mentor and be mentored. If you want help with the products that are developed for you from the greatest techs wev'e got, I think you should support them and buy from them. They are on the front lines paving the way. They want to teach you and help you develop your skills. And ultimately make more money. I want to help you cut to the chase if you are new at nail art. I can break it down for you and teach you how to see shapes and make them tiny on the nails. You will be able to make your investment back witin a day of using it. Sam Biddle is a very well known educator,artist, judge,author,and a creator of nail art tools, to name a few. She is going to be giving a workshop in Long Beach Ca. at the end of the month. I can reccommend that you attend her class. It is unlike any others I have attended! And I am proud to say I know her! She designed this pen to hold paint. Not ink. Reg. caligraphy pens will not allow the paint to flow freely without clogging and skipping while you draw on the nail.
I want to use products that are from our industry so I can ask questions and get mentored by the co. that took the time to develop the tools. Sam has been very generous with her time educating,and mentoring us for years. She is very innovative! And I like the way she thinks.
If you end up attending any of her classes, you won't be disapointed!
As for me,I'm just a girl that likes to have fun. And I've never had more fun in the 30 yrs Iv'e been doing nails. I can't put the darn Pen down!
Other techs have asked me over the years: how do you do that? That looks exactly like Cruella Deville, or Peter pan! I simply act like a sponge and ask a lot of questions. So I hope you will support our efforts to bring you the most awesome Art Pen ever made for our profession. We want to support you too! And we hope you make this a very prosperous 2012! I want to be the one who mentors you here and help you realize what this art pen can do.
Errr.... it holds both ink and paint. & you have to water down the paint in order to be able to use it properly otherwise it won't work and it all gets rather messy. You can't just slap it in and expect it to work because it can't hold a thick viscosity. How do I know this? I have one. & I agree it can be a great piece of kit but it takes a bit of practise. Others at BeautyTech have also discussed it in the past @

Toothypegs I note yur in Australia. I find that a lot of Asian nailies use the ridged and fountain nibs. There's a chick next door to me who does some amazing yukiumi and Arabic nail art with one and she also has a type of reed pen that holds the paint in the belly of the pen. I've been told they're both a part of Chinese calligraphy. Is that where you've come across them?
My bad! I did not mean to give the impression that you couldn't use ink in the art pen. I wanted to imply that this peticular art pen was designed with the nail artist in mind. Because we use paint!. Sam actually changed the nibs recently for better performance. There are lots of nibs that can be used for different writing techn iques. Our art pen is great for what we artist do on nails as well as other artists. She just choose these two nibs because they performed better for her.
I hope I explained that better.
Sobeit and VJ, Did you guys have any questions regaurding the art pen. I would love to talk to you about it. Please email me if you need any more info. [email protected]
Tess. could you please email me at kue6 @ no spaces.

for some reason I can't email you.
Tess. could you please email me at kue6 @ no spaces.

for some reason I can't email you.
Quote:Toothypegs I note yur in Australia. I find that a lot of Asian nailies use the ridged and fountain nibs. There's a chick next door to me who does some amazing yukiumi and Arabic nail art with one and she also has a type of reed pen that holds the paint in the belly of the pen. I've been told they're both a part of Chinese calligraphy. Is that where you've come across them?

Yes Roo, I'm in Australia. And yes, a lot of Asians use nibs to exact their nail art because it's part of their culture. The reed pen you speak of sounds like a Niji water brush and I am intrigued to know how a nail artist would incorporate this into their practice. The 'Art Pen', though, is basically a drawing nib. The Americans and Japanese manufacture excellent ones in the current marketplace from $1 to $20 depending on what you want to buy. It has a well at the back that holds the ink/paint/substrate and, depending on what size and point you use, elicits an even and consistent line. The nib is interchangeable via insertion at the handle. This type has been around for centuries and was used in schools up to the 1960s. Nib art is very popular in Japan and has been used in nail art for quite some time. It's probably how the practice got to Australia.

I use a crowquill pen that costs about five bucks with a stick ink/paint blend does everything I need it to do and settles on the nail quite nicely.

The "Sugar Styler" is what is widely known as a glass pen. These things have been made for centuries via the Italian (Murano has made them for eons) and Japanese traditions and were very popular in America in the 1900s. The Sugar Styler appears to be in the J. Herbin style although these are also manufactured in China. For example -
You can get them anywhere from $1.50 in China to around $10 - $25 depending on where you buy them.

That they are being marketed as a nail tool is fantastic. More power to the entrepreneurs I say! But to say that it is an idea that was only recently conjured up by one person is simply not the case and is misleading to the customer. Like e-files that are simply drills which have been used in other industries such as dentistry and jewellery, this is just another wonderful example of crossover.


Just Nail It. Thank you for letting us know that this particular tool was manipulated to be geared toward ease for nail art in particular. I feel like your being talked over by things that don't apply to your art pen.I would love to talk more about it and it's differences in an email where there is no other interference.
Just a side note. I for one have never heard of this pen, and so be it old news for who ever, it's new to me and many others and without your post here, I would still not know about it.
I am glad you asked if I sent an email yet as I have been side tracked and will email you tomorrow.
Sobeit, This was new to me also. That's why I got involved. I would love to share it with you because I love it and all the other things she has available in her line. For now I will only be selling the art Pen. I am getting the info out and sharing videos,pics, and mentor people too.
Tess I am so excited about the pen and i cant wait to receive mine. Plan to show the students where i instruct. Thank you for your help.
Lorraine, I'ts nice to put a face with your order! I'm excited for you to show your students the art pen. You are going to love it. And it will give them confidence when they see how easily they will become nail artists. One of the things I haven't shown yet is white on white designs. For all the peeps you just want to wear a french. It's been done. Obviously. But If you have clients that only wear french, they say they never want nailart. Tell them that you have been practicing something that you want to show them, and you can wipe it off with water if she doesn't like it. Do a little rosebud just inside the white area. They go for it everytime! Or just a cute little swirl on the corner of the white french on the outside wall area.
Another thing that is real easy is- do a design in black. Then take tiny paint brushes and color with gel, or paint inside the lines. You remember how to color,right? Start with a light layer, then where you want to shade your design you add just a little more of the same solor or a darker color to shade. Then add highlights by using a lighter color,or maybe gold,bronze or silver. shade your leaves and then highlight them. Just have fun!
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