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Full Version: Footsie Pedi Liners that dont cost a arm and leg!
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Does anyone know where to get cheap footsie pedi spa liners. Iam having a hard time finding them cheap and I really dont need a huge package of 100 any suggestions. Can you substitute with something else? the cost of these is killing me!!!!!!!!!!
No matter where I go I usually pay $100.

I ran out once and used trash bags (none of them ever leaked). So... there's that, lol.


Kind of off topic, but not really. I wonder about the fact that all these liners are going into landfills. I truly hope some are recycling them. Just saying!
Have you tried Sally Beauty Supply? The place we usually get them from was out, so we had to order from Sally and I believe they were either $85 or $89. I know that's not a lot cheaper, but every little bit helps. I also believe they didn't charge us for shipping.
I second Sally's! I order mine from their website and happen to have the invoice right in front of me Smile. I paid $85 for the pack of 100 liners and $4.92 for shipping, although if your local store carries them, then that's even better. Unfortunately they only come in 100 packs.
I got mine from Sally's. Watch for sales. Also, if you order them from the store and they receive them I don't believe they charge you freight.
That's why I chose the Belava tub/base. The liners are $65 for 100. Much more economical in the long run.
The footsie liners are biodegradable, which is why it is a bad idea to reuse them and a good idea to keep them away from sunlight by storing in a dark room or closed cabinet. We kept one outback behind the salon to see how long it took to break down. It started to disintegrate in about a month if that helps with the landfill concerns.
Sally's September sale- $79
Big Grin I recycle mine Big Grin
TN Nail Lady - thanks for the post about the September sale! I need to order some and it looks like I'll be saving a bit of money. : )