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Full Version: Suggestions for additional income?
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I have a busy home based business in which I offer pedicures and waxing. Since my son came along last year, I have reduced my clients and days from 5 days/week to 2 days/week. I love this balance, however, as our household expenses are soon to go up, I think that I am going to have a switch to a 3 day week. I am wondering if anyone has suggestions on ways to bring in additional income (without adding another day to my schedule and without adding additional services/time to my work day as they are already booked 12 hours)? I am open to all suggestions, even if they require $ to invest or training/education. Thanks for all ideas!
You can retail products...including hair products that your clients use (give them a discount somewhere between your cost and full retail), retail nail products, obviously. Also, you can retail jewelry (like the hot bracelets they are selling at craft warehouse made of irridescent glass beads). Overall, just retail I guess! Retail the lotion you use for your pedis. Add service upgrades, like glitter toes and Shellac! . Make a custom sugar/salt scrub and sell it at a mark up. Ok, I'm all out, lol
Have you heard of Vault Denim?

If you're on Facebook, you can also stop by Bella Donna Denim - Vault Denim to see what the inventory looks like.

Call me if you have questions.
I've had great luck with Scentsy. I always have a couple of warmers going, and my testers are right next to my table. If you do themed pedis, you can match up the scents. It's very affordable to start up and the scents sell themselves. You don't have to do the home parties either. I've sold to all of my clients and several have done the basket parties. It's an easy way to make extra $$$, especially with Christmas so close.
Last fall, I paired Pumpkin pedis with Pumpkin Roll scent and just sold the heck out of it.