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Full Version: CND lamp cord is broken?!?
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Does anyone know where I can get my CND Brisa lamp cord replaced? Should I check with local electronics repair shops?? I don't know what to do and I keep getting voicemail for CND hotline. Thanks for your input!
If its still under warranty you may want to wait to hear from CND before you pay some one to tamper with it. But an electronic repair shop should be able to fix/replace it easy.
My first CND NEW Lamp -the cord wouldn't stay connected at the back of the lamp and kept shorting out and turning off. My salesperson from Cosmoprof was able to return it and get me a new one. I'd recommend that avenue if you ordered it that way. Good Luck. The New New one works great.!
Did you leave a voicemail with the hotline so that they can get back to you? If you want to email me your number I will make sure your info gets submitted!! holly.schippers at