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Full Version: ? Maternity Leave for Renters ?
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Hi all,
I will be having a baby in late November and am trying to work out a maternity leave with the owner of my shop. I currently rent a full time station and work Tue-Sat. I am bringing a tech on board to work PT while I'm out, then we plan on sharing the station, with both of us working PT opposite each other when I come back.

The owner would like me to have 2 weeks off, then pay full rent til I come back to reserve the station, but giving me twice the amount of time to pay the rent. I told her that wouldn't work because I don't plan on working a full time schedule when I come back. Why would I pay to reserve a full time station with only intentions of working part time?? Plus I have saved her the trouble of finding someone else to make up the rent, both while I am out and when I come back.

I have talked to 2 other friends in the area about their policies. One gives 4 weeks rent free, the other gives 2 weeks free, plus they get 1 free week for vacation each year. So lumped together, she was able to take full 3 weeks. We don't get the week of free rent for vacation, but wouldn't that be nice!! Confusedhock:

Any suggestions or examples of how other rental salons have handled your maternity leave would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much everyone!! Smile


Please dont take this wrong, but the salon owner would still have to pay their rent to the building owner, if they had to be on leave, or if they chose to only have a business open part time. So as a renter like yourself, I am paying for the space to be availabe to me, but not the hours I spend it. If you have a contract with the owner/landlord, your pretty much bound the that. If the owner agrees to let you sublease your space part time to a second tech, the owner still needs to get the full rent and not part rent for the space, or you may need to agree to get out of the lease, or finish it up and not renew so the space can be rented out. There are no vacation weeks of free rent for the owner, so I believe booth renters are not entitled to free weeks of rent. A really nice perk, but not required. Its just business, again please dont take this personal.
I understand your sub is renting while your gone, but then when your back, its really up to the owner if they want to rent one station to 2 part time renters or if they want the full rent each station brings in. Something only you can work out with your landlord.
It is like renting a apartment, you still have to pay the rent even if you leave your apt. for a month. It's a bummer but part of working for yourself. If it is month to month lease you can quit and hope it's there when you get back.
I understand what you guys are saying. But what I did not mention is that a current renter had a baby a few years ago and she did offer her 2 weeks unpaid rent, then had her pay a daily rate when she came back part time until she was ready to get back to full time. And given the other, more attractive leave options I have found at the other salons, I thought she might want to be competitive with them as well as remaining consistent with her staff. There are a couple of other girls who are planning to have children within the next year or so too.

Also, I don't feel that if I have taken the trouble of finding a sub-leaser and am planning on coming back part time that I should have to pay for a full time station while I'm out??? Owner is already planning on collecting more than full time rent while the 2 of us work there before I leave. I am working my regular Tue-Sat, while paying full time rent. The other girl is paying the daily rate (figured by taking full time rate/5) for Sun & Mon. Nowhere in the current contract does it specify what full time is VS part time. Just says business hours are Mon-Sat. Which reads to me that my station is available to me at full time rate for 6 days, not 5. So technically, I feel the other tech should only have to pay a day rate that is figured by taking full time rate/6. I don't have a problem paying my share of the part time rent while I'm out to reserve the station, since the other girl will be picking up another day or 2 while I'm out. But I don't think it's fair that the owner should collect more than full time rent for one station.

So, I guess nobody else out there has had ANY other experience with maternity leave than just paying the full amount?? :? I guess I just find that odd since the only 2 places I've checked with locally both offered at least something to their techs.
I guess that's why talking about rate of pay and your earned benefits are frowned upon in the work force. It causes problems all the time. You get what you earn and you earn what you get. You never should've known what the other girl got as far as her maternity leave. You'd have nothing to be upset about if you didn't know that much. Just forget you know and be happy with what you were offered.
I agree, you have to pay the rent if you want to keep the space. Try to forget how other people might have been treated as that is not your business anyway. If you don't have maternity benefits in your agreement with the owner or specified by law then you aren't entitled to them, much as it sucks to be on the receiving end.


I do understand where your coming from. But we are our own boss and only the boss can give us paid leave and benefits. Right? I agree your rent should cover all the days the salon is open. Does your contract allow you to pay per day instead? Will the landlord discuss per day rent for you? Most rental situations are based on space rent and not time rent. Landlords end up on the short end that way. Bring up your concerns that don't match up with the agreement, ie, are you paying for the space to be available 5 days or 6 so you can discuss your second renter and how the salon owner wants to charge. It's her salon, so her choice who rents there. And I agree the terms should be fair. But sometimes it's a case by case basis, negotiated right away based on both parties needs.
You refer to yourself and others as her "staff" but in reality she is not the boss, just the owner of the salon. She may have realized after giving the free rent previously that it wasn't financially feasible. She may also be looking ahead at all these babies coming up and realized that she can't afford to subsidize maternity leave for so many. I understand that you want to work the best deal for yourself, but unless you want to switch shops, it doesn't really benefit you to compare what might be available to you at a different salon and expect her to match or beat that to keep you happy. This is just another thing where we pay to be self employed. :wink:
Sadly the shop owners expenses are stationary even though your family size is not.
As far as knowing the other persons maternity leave details from 'a few years ago'....the economy has changed, and that sort of information should never be discussed among renters in any professional environment anyway.
zilchic :
> Sadly the shop owners expenses are stationary even though your family size
> is not.
> As far as knowing the other persons maternity leave details from 'a few years
> ago'....the economy has changed, and that sort of information should never
> be discussed among renters in any professional environment anyway.

Exactly what I was going to say about the economy. Nothing is the same.
Zilchic... Whoa. Shop owners expenses are not stationary. My insurance just went up almost $200, my rent increases every year, I never know when I am going to have to repair something or buy a new something entirely, electric rates go up and usage itself goes up and down, some employees are more wasteful than others so who knows if I will spend $40 or $80 this month in paper towels and toilet paper alone, etc, etc. Plus, income is not stationary either.

I do agree with you about the economy, however.

Jenny... pretty much everyone who responded has said the same thing, and I too must agree. The only thing I can add is that if she is basing part time rent on 5 days she may have just had a "glitch" that day. We all do it. Maybe you can talk to her. Then again, it is not uncommon to charge a slightly lower rate for full time people. 2 part time renters might pay $75 each, where a full time renter might pay $125. Even in services I charge less for full time. A half hour massage is $35, but a one hour is $60.
I appreciate everyone's input. I must say that the owner was the one who told me we'd have to check with the other girl to see how she handled her maternity leave, not me. I don't want you all to think I'm trying to be whiny or get something for nothing. I was just looking for some situations that I could point out to her that would be fair for everyone. All of this is up for negotiation because of what the owner and I discussed, not simply because I'm trying to get out of paying, like some have inferred. Our contracts are very loosely stated both for her protection & ours as renters. The problem being that there aren't real set in stone policies for things like this. Her mistake as the owner? Mine for not thinking 5 years ago when I started there that I'd get pregnant again? Who knows? I started there when my son was 6 months old & my previous owner gave me all the time I needed off, then I just paid by the day when I came back. Then the only 2 other places I checked with also offered some sort of maternity leave. So I thought this was more common than the posters on BT apparently experience. Maybe it has more to do with location? I don't know. Thanks anyway. I guess she and I will just have to throw around some ideas and see what works for our situation.
These are the issues we deal with when we choose to be renters. In my salon we pay our weekly rent no matter what. We all work out own hours as much or as little as we want. My hubby and I planned that I would take a few weeks off then go back part time for a few weeks then back full time after that. In canada you are entitaled ti 1 year of maternity or paternity leave. My hubby will take the rest of the time for me. So I can go back to work. I have started saving money for this. Good luck!