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Full Version: ***pics****
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jsut messing around with polish pro and konad.some are my own hands so may not be the best nails but oh well be nice!!!!
[/img][Image: CIMG0753.jpg][img][Image: CIMG0755.jpg][/img][Image: CIMG0751.jpg][img][Image: IMG_4714-1.jpg][/img]
I think they are both very cute! Love Konad!
great job, the first two are my faves!


Very fun!
Well done! I think they all look great, I really like the last set with the marbled look.
nice....I can't believe you did that with Konad. whenever I try, they never come out even or the same on each nail.
I love the last one!
I"m impressed that you can cover the whole nail with the design. I tried Konad some years ago and could not get the hang of stamping one small design. I can't imaging how you got the stamp over the whole nail. But these designs are really pretty and kinda make me want to give it a go again--with a good instructional video or hands-on training. Big Grin
Smile Love them all.. Love Konad!!
idk, i guess i need to work on my konad technique. i think im takin too much polish off the stamp. :? oh well
i love the marbled pic...i think these are great! and they are on your own hands??? awesome!