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Full Version: Sobeit- I received nailite samples today
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Sobeit- I received nailite samples today. So far I cannot find a sugar scrub that is as good as Qtica. I am not sold on their scrubs or salts. The foot mask may be something that i will buy next order. It has a nice cool feeling. The orange scent is disgusting.
The rock salt soak had a scent for a few seconds and I had to stick my head into the tub to take a whiff. My client had no clue that it was even scented. Just thought you would like to hear about this stuff.


Oh, suck. Well, I Love qtica as well so thats always in stock. I am sooooooo sad I cannot afford to do the ME products. Sigh. I will keep my eyes peeled to and let you know if I find something. Thank you for letting me know.
I got the best sample of lavender/ecalyptus soak and scrub from Amber. It smells so good that i feel like eating it. WHen you really love a product this much and you express it to your clients they want to use it. I cannot push something that i don't like.
Aniointdhnd2- thanks for telling me about that company. You are so right about them having the most potent soak. Now that I have tried many samples I think Iwill stick with them. I use such a small amount that it should go a long way. I just hate ordering from so many companies, the shipping is a killer. I just ordered the mineral scrub by cnd. It isn't as good as qtica but you can get a pretty good deal on premier. Clients like to smell what you are using and that one has a strong scent. Its all about the senses.


I think I will be investing in the home made ingredients from the topic below on scrub recipes. I am very into the dessert looking soaps, scrubs and bath fizz. Plus I am sooo making the single use scrub soap candy bars for holiday gifts. I am in love.
I ordered from Premier Nail Source last week and received a free soak from the Nouveau Spa line. They are tropical scented. The soak I received had a great mango scent. It isn't an expensive line. You can get a 4 ounce size of each of the products for less than $30. I am going to try them.
I know a lady who orders from this site and love there products. You have to translate the page also change the money to us dollars
you can download this toolbar

It will translate anything
I use Qtica and like it. I am very in love with ME! products, but they are a little pricey. They do last a long time.

I got my order in today of CND mineral salt scrub. It certainly is not as nice as Qtica but it will be a fine replacement.
Hey sobeit, can you email me? I have a quick question, thanks!
You can add to plain rock salt essential oils or just add a few drops to the water. I like lemongrass, lavender and tea tree oil.
LaurieD- I have thought about that but really have no clue who to order the oil from and am concerned if some are safer than others. Would you mind sharing who you purcahse your oils from? How much do you add to the water? It seems like yo uneed to add quite a few drops?
Thank you
sobeit & nailgalinez...

I've never used Qtica.
Are the products strong enough for the clients to smell them?

I've been using Gena products and just adding lavender to jojoba oil.
But looking for something that smells good enough to really fill the room!


I get a lot of comments from the salon that "something smells good" over there when I use the qtica scrub and lotion, but I am going to say I dont think its powerful. Nice and light and so many to choose from. I am looking into Nubar now and Air art girl gave me some nice information. I am hoping to order some. I am so seasonal with my scents that I use a theme and I dont know if its just the scrub that smells good enough for them to nice as much as its the whole service. Its not to expensive, a little goes a long way for me, and I think its definitely worth trying.
Thank you so much!

I like going with the seasons as well.
Looking into a chocolate pedi, pumpkin pedi, and maybe a peppermint patti pedi for the upcoming fall & winter months.

Bella Lucce looks good for the chocolate & the peppermint. Heard some good things.
Still searching around for a good pumpkin or maybe cranberry one.


For pumpkin I have Hempz Pumpkin cheese cake body cream and its super thick and yummy, ( ordered from peels early to make sure I have it on time) and I have head 2 toe pumpkin peel that smells like pumpkin pie. Oh to die for. I use that Oct and Nov then Dec I use peppermint vanilla aroma therapy on a neck warmer, with apple cider lotion from CND served with hot apple cider or hot chocolate mint truffle cocoa.
Where do you order Amber from? Do they sell direct?

I love the lavender soak,scrub and mask. I don't like the cream.


I got my samples today, not a fan of the orange products but I do like the cocoa scrub and the vanilla cocoa mask. I want to look into one more line before I decide. The nailite cocoa is an option for the cold months and I would serve hot chocolate with it. I am looking forward to the cold months that lurk right around the corner.
Sillysoup, I get my oil from the health food section of my grocery store and from a nail supplier I go to. It only takes a few drops in the water to scent it.