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Full Version: scrub recipes
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i know it has been asked before but could you recommend me any site that has scrub,lotion rtc recipes?i want to try to create my own but need more info .
I would love this information as well Big Grin
bulk bases (oils/creams/shampoos/etc) can be ordered from
Looking forward to this info as well. Thanks for the link Erika! Smile
i came across this one and it seems really good

i was searching for something more easy to do though..any help?
Oooh. Lovely Site. I like the recipe page. Definitely bookmarked. Smile
Not to "bump" this up, but what a lovely idea for Christmas Gifts for all the ladies in my Family. I think I'll make some scrubs and soaks and lotions for them and add in a holiday candle. Smile
Time to start thinking about client gifts for the holidays. I am always at a loss. I know it's "the thought" but I want to give them something they will use and I'm just never sure. I'll definitely have to look at the site above for some ideas!
Just copy me. Smile Oh, and you can be on my Gift List too so let's coordinate so we don't make the same recipes... :wink: a craft stores or supply houses offer smaller containers to put things in?

Sherrie, you could do mini-scrubs and mini-lotions..same items, but in smaller sized containers?


Erin, if your going to make any of the candy soaps or cream bars, Michaels and Hobby Lobby have cute candy boxes, single or multi size, and little celophane (sp?) bags, or draw string bags, and candy bags in holiday theme, like for the bath cookies.
I have not seen the little jars for scrubs though. That you might order online from the link or other.
My cart has tooo much $$$ in it on that site above and I cannot order without really looking at what i need, and not just what I want.
You can find almost any style or size jars at
Their prices are very reasonable. I have a base recipe for a scrub that I use. I only mix a cup at a time but you can make larger batches. 3/4 cup raw sugar( I get Sugar in the Raw at the market), About 1/8 cup grapeseed oil to give it some slip- more or less as you think needed. Enough scent for the smell you are looking for- this can be about 1/8 cup of cocoa powder, 1 tablespoon vinalla- clear works best, peppermint extract, oil of cloves, cinnamon oil,essential oils like lemongrass and lavender, whatever you choose.
Nice! Thanks ladies. Smile
A tip to keep the oils from going rancid is to use rosemary oleoresin oil extract or T-50 vitamin E. You just need a little bit. Well it should last some time...but the more you open it and it is exposed to air the oils are more likely to oxidize. At least you make more in advance. This site has bulk oils and also fragrance oils. I've never made a homemade scrub before but use different carrier oils for other stuff.
Thanks Jim!

I had no idea about using additional items as a preservative. : )
ANytime there is water you have to use a preservative. I used to make bath and body products, cp soap, ect. There is a ton of research involved to make a good product. There is so much information online to read before I would ever attempt making produts for my clients.
Of course-I was actually gonna get some books on the subject. I'd like to do it right. Smile


The recipes and products from the link are easy to understand and good quality buys. They also walk you through preservatives and when why and how to use them. It's not a difficult when it's a kit, or your not using food in it. I know I will be just fine using she a butter and scented drops.
Yeah that's basically what I wanted to do, follow a precise recipe(s).

I would never want to put anyone in harm's way due to product(s) that had gone rancid.

I admit, I know very little, so by the book it is. Tongue

Plus, not to mention the FUN!

I want a scrub or two for MY personal use!

(Hey now, we all need a little luxuriatin', no?)


I plan to retail 1 and 2 oz jars of the peppermint candy scrub, the white chocolate mask, and 2 sprinkle cookie bath bombs, so they will use it up in the 3-4 week shelf life. HOWEVER when you put the ingredients into your cart you will see the shelf life of each, they are all about 1 year so I am pretty sure your safe.
I want the peppermint scrub for myself....and of course handing out extra to friends and family .Smile
which book would you recommend ?