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Full Version: Help w/ Nailpro Article About Tipping!
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Hi all!

I'm baaack...

This time I'm working on an article for Nailpro Magazine about tipping. Here's a description:

"In the last decade, there has been a shift in the acceptable amounts for tipping. While many people now tip 18-20% at a restaurant, it is still common for people to be stuck in the 15% zone. And it’s even more unclear when it comes to salon services. In this article, we explore how much clients are tipping and what nail technicians should be expecting on average. The article will also touch on tips for salon owners and what they should expect (many people these days believe that they don’t have to tip owners)."

I imagine most of you have strong feelings and opinions on tipping! If you'd like to help me with this article (which will appear in December's issue), please send me an email to [email protected] ASAP with the following:

1. Your full name, title, salon name, and city (very important!)
2. Average amount (percentage) of your tips
3. Do you have lots of clients who don't tip at all, or clients who tip way over the norm?
4. Any tip stories you want to share? (funny, annoying, or otherwise)
5. If you are an owner specifically, what do you expect when it comes to tips? Do you get it? Do you have clients who don't tip and if so, are they mostly from an older generation (back in the day, it wasn't customary to tip the owner of the salon)?
6. Do you think tips should be completely based on the level of service given, do you think tips should be an automatic or "given", or something else?
7. Anything else you want to share in regards to tipping?

The more complete your sentences are, the better for me. I can't guarantee I'll use a quote from everybody because some topics are huge and I get too many responses to use in the space I am allowed, but I try my best!

Thanks in advance!

Melisa Wells
I am so glad I don't live in a country where a tipping culture is tolerated. I don't know why people put up with such a rotten unfair system that masks the true cost of things and expects customers to pay wages as well as prices.
Hi Daisy,

Do you mind if I ask where you live? (the country, no specifics! Smile )
If you don't want to answer, no big deal but I'm just wondering.

I'm in New Zealand. Here, people are paid a living wage and tipping is a nice surprise for staff and only given if truly deserved because of exceptional service, not because it is expected or demanded. I have lived in the USA and found there that I preferred to DIY everything possible rather than deal with a system that I found unacceptable. I have also lived in Ireland and, while the tipping culture there is spreading to some areas, it is still at the customer's discretion and not demanded by the service staff.

The current minimum wage for adults in New Zealand is NZ$13/hour, which at today's exchange rate equates to US$10.60 or so but in general times equates to US$7 or so. Compare this to US$2.13/hour for tipped labour in the USA and the cries of, "We need tips because employers can't pay full wages!". Yet we in NZ still manage to have restaurants and salons and taxis and hairdressers and all the other things that apparently some people in the USA think require tips to supplement. Something is rotten in the system...
Thanks, Daisy!

I think that the tipping culture HAS changed in the U.S. very much over the last many years. It used to be very much like you say it is in New Zealand: more of a surprise. I'm not yet sure where or why the high expectation came into play, but I know that some techs at the salon where I work are very casual about tipping, knowing that some people just don't do it and some people overdo it (and these techs don't worry about it in general), and a couple techs where I work take great offense at a "low" tip or no tip at all, even if it's a regular client. It's an interesting topic, anyway! Smile

Have a great day...or evening! Not sure what time it is there!
Thank you! It is actually very early morning here, nearly 1am, but I will accept a Good Evening from you Smile And return a Good Whatever in your direction. Hope your research goes well.
i have prob half my clients tip and half do not. I set my prices to what i want and anything over that is just cake.. yes it is nice to be appreciated but i dont expect it with our economy like it is. Some people also have an idea that you don't tip the owner..I grew up hearing that myself, so is that an issue? dont know but yes i have a few that tip very nicely and i love them for it but i understand just being able to get your services done and pay the light bill..
kathie kirkpatrick
the vanity shop
crockett texas
Thank you, Kathie!!
:wink: sorry i did not email it..
No prob! I'm just glad you had all of your info in the post! Smile