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So i got the products and started playing around with them but i need to figure out some things from you ladies that already use this system.i have a brisa lamp and i tried to flash cure my nails but the heat spike was big!also i followed all the instruction that are given in the site but gel didn't turn out to be very shinny.what am i doing wrong? my lamps are 2 months old so this is not an can i avoid the heat spike and product running on the side of the nails?what tips and tricks can you suggest me?i would love to hear if someone uses the brisa lamp with Ten gels what has found to work better with this system.
noone?any advice at all?
You need to email me and I'll help you with all the problems you're having. Big Grin I can explain the way you need to be curing your nails and why you're having problems with it.
i emailed you Smile
why not post here so us newbies can keep learning.....
I don't mean to imply I don't want go share information to newbies. I love helping anyway I can. If you use TEN and you're having some issues, then please let me know what it is. If you're not using TEN, my instructions wouldn't work for the other gels on the market. BUT, I can help sometimes with that, too. My method of using TEN isn't exactly like the web site shows and in my email to the original poster, I explained how my way is different and why I do it the way I do. I've been using it successfully for over three years now and believe me, I can troubleshoot any problems you're having with it because I've already been thru them all!