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Full Version: Doug Schoon's Brain Now Available on DVD
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School's In Session....
Doug Schoon's Brain
Now Available on DVD
In Mind Boggling 3D

You Asked - Doug Delivered
Here is your chance to own all TEN episodes of Doug Schoon's Brain. Now available for purchase on a single DVD which you can view in either 2D or eye popping 3D! Learn the truth about white spots in the nail and why nail plate's crack the way they do and why nails can become discolored or how moisture and oil migrate through the plate and much more!

Also included on DVD are all of Doug Schoon's video articles as well as informational brochures from the Nail Manufacturers Council. This DVD is packed with useful information that you can't find anywhere else!

Included are two pairs of red/cyan 3D glasses and additional pairs are available for schools!